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  1. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Main lagi lah men, bunuh² pake ninja
  2. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Berhubung severnya di US, ya you know lah gmn ping nya, cuman masih bisa ditoleransi
  3. this @Jack senpai is lonely too back to topic, just ignore people like that, they're gonna keep annoy you if you respond to his stupidity
  4. verrdii

    Apakah masih ada guild indo yg masih aktif?

    tapi kebanyakan pada afk, jgn sakit hati klo chatnya gk dibales, bukannya cuek tapi afk awkkawkakwkaw
  5. verrdii

    Goblin hunting

    use high wizard card for more dmg
  6. verrdii

    Hello everyone~! :D have a nice day

    you've been at hugel before? i cant remember your ign ahahah btw welcome to DRo, i hope you enjoy staying here
  7. back to topic what im hoping to see is balancing 3rd skill oh yeeaaaa
  8. 10% chance of using self destruct when getting hit by physical or magical
  9. why people these day so easy triggered? 😴

  10. verrdii

    Elite Dungeon Quest

    go with them rob, since you dont have a life ahahah and teach them how to clear ED
  11. verrdii

    Which Build is best for RK?

    i choose DB + spiral, since spiral ignore flee, the boss have high flee
  12. verrdii

    Alternate 3rd Job Sprite Guide

    no, you still need to pay 10b to enter elite hero temple and pay 10b to alternate 3rd job npc
  13. verrdii

    Elite Dungeon Quest

    im not doing ED anymore, i just share how to clear that, you guys should be fine if you have the core class that i've mention go get party up and have fun in ED haha
  14. verrdii

    Elite Dungeon Quest

    you cant use 3rd skill there, this is my core party on ED genetic for FCP sura or rg for kiting the mob AB not must, but it makes your run easier since you cant use ygg leaf, but you can re-enter rest is DPS, you'll need converter scroll there, water (LK), holy (assassin), earth (ranger), wind (blacksmith), shadow (preist), and ghost (tiamat + HW)
  15. verrdii

    Absen Anak-Anak Indo

    haloo ke hugel aja, rame anak2 indo