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  1. verrdii

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    2 of em available using dtoks, in the bottom list of tradeable top headgear, but the name is same
  2. verrdii

    Self Destruction Reworked on 3rds WOE?

    Maybe they're casting Safety Wall or Kyrie Eleison on that formation?
  3. verrdii

    Expensive Elite Endless Tower Card and Drop

    1. In my team we dont even want to buy the key (the price is not worth for us since we can farm it) and we're not selling it, so we just farm ED then use it for EET later 2. im talking about EET here not ED, and yes i know ED can be solo'ed 4. yes it can be spammed like that, since its no restriction well about the price in vending is dont ever believe the price in vending, since i playing here its been like that (some people selling stuff overpriced in vending)
  4. verrdii

    Expensive Elite Endless Tower Card and Drop

    I share you some of my perspective, since im farming in this dungeon with my friends 1. The requirements to enter EET is key to the abyss, its drop from Elite dungeon (tiamat) with 20% chance 2. You cant solo this instance (yet), you need coordinated party member too 3. not many people can farm EET but so many people need the card from there so its make the price going crazy like this 4. Mostly, this amazing card is from boss in EET that only spawn 1 at a time and the drop rate is so low Well this card is going to be on donation anyway but since its still new dungeon maybe he will not include it right this time. Try making party then go beat this dungeon if you wanna know why the price is skyrocketing. If many people trying beating it will make the number of card is higher and the price will be dropped.
  5. verrdii

    Elite Hero Quest

    follow this guide sir
  6. verrdii

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    is it possible to get a same pet multiple times? its kinda not fair for people that cant farming hardcore like me If its like that then goodluck to the one gacha it it will make the pet price in market uncontrollable since its random
  7. verrdii

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    @HaZewhy the pet is using gacha system? I cant get the pet that i want
  8. verrdii

    DreamerRO Installer Full ( Google Drive )

    linknya dah mati gan, download dari sini aja
  9. verrdii

    Need an updated guide for RG/Prof PVP

    What? Moonslasher getting nerf?
  10. Thana does work on bosses with high def (probably 100++ def, under that use modifier card)
  11. verrdii

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    he suggest treasure chest not in EET but ED sir, so its opening new profit for someone farming in ED since the card and equip price is so low
  12. verrdii

    Atk vs damage?

    it depends on what skill, equipment and a card you use first. And then we talk about your question and read this stuff for explanation about damage modifier (in the card and gears damage section)
  13. Kebanyakan drama, mending rakit pc

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    2. verrdii


      @Jack gago why you can talk indonesian hahaha

      @Latte jamet semua klean

    3. Latte


      Malay dia woi 11;12 bisa lah

    4. verrdii


      Owalah lupa aku wkwkwk my bad

  14. verrdii

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    its like endless tower, for first time enter you'll be warp back to town
  15. verrdii

    Abyss Tower - Elite Endless Tower

    what? you can go to floor 100? why im warped to HHH last night? is it a bug?