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  1. verrdii

    RUSH~SALE!! P.Elu / IS / Tyrant / E.Valor / G.Trophy~

    malev shoes still available? save one for me pls haahha
  2. verrdii

    Officially Graduating Zeph Quests (I've made it :D)

    i still need a lot of time haha, not even half way ahahah
  3. verrdii

    Officially Graduating Zeph Quests (I've made it :D)

    congratulation bro haha i'll catch you up later
  4. verrdii

    Hello, I'm new here :)

    hello welcome to the server, i hope you enjoy joining us
  5. verrdii


    chill dude, can you tell us how do you use that pure ori???
  6. verrdii

    Looking for Social Guild

    go make one, maybe i'll join ahaha
  7. verrdii

    bye bye

    this one is HOAX wahah see you again @Artemia
  8. verrdii

    Needing a guide RK Hero arena

    its dark lord card CMIIW
  9. cendol dawet~

  10. verrdii

    Lite Graphics Plugin (@LGP)

    great update haze, it really helps
  11. verrdii

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    is panacea disabled on PK mode? cause its gone from my hotkey
  12. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    gass kuy ntar malem klo gk ngelag akwokawokw
  13. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    aku gk dihitung? wew awkaowkoakw
  14. verrdii

    Returning Player

    seems familliar haha
  15. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    awkaowkowk gaspol gan