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  1. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    No maho pls
  2. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    sama bang, ane juga newbie
  3. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    tumben rame
  4. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    cek post atas bang
  5. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    setau ane di hugel ama payon bang
  6. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    mashuk pak ekoo
  7. verrdii

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    ohh i see that khalitzburg card is on shield, i didn't check it in rms. so it have drawback. let's see it first in pvp
  8. verrdii

    [RAID Instance] Old Glastheim Update

    I like the idea of this ogh raid, its kinda fun to acomplish it with friend but that card doesnt have any drawback? Or did i read that wrong 35% bonus dmg to medium?
  9. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Klo aku lancar sih tanpa vpn, koneksimu paling
  10. verrdii


    goodluck bob
  11. verrdii

    Elite Dungeon Bug

    you guys should check this one, it's a guide from pre-renewal though, but some of requirement still the same
  12. verrdii

    Elite Dungeon Bug

    when did your party leader finished nidhoggr and ET? before renewal or after renewal? cause my friend doing it after renewal got the same bug too
  13. in pre-renewal STR take effect based on this but in renewal this
  14. verrdii

    Indonesian Lounge -

    Kapan dihalalinnya?