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    " hijack the announcement for a personal issue" ? did i got accused ? sounds not really good
  2. Finaaa

    Elite Weapon Expert

    umm so how about my other 100b? I cant find it actually. I got 600b. spent 100b on refine ( lost 200b) and 100b on kills services. now I got 304b ( 4b from selling G.throppy). im confused actually @@ < My IGN is xRyux >
  3. Finaaa

    Elite Weapon Expert

    Hi GM Haze. is that possible if you can check my purchase history? I mean I got like 600b before and after I used the service once. I lost 200b instead of 100b and become 400b
  4. Finaaa

    Elite Weapon Expert

    Hi, I lost my 200b instead of 100b when I did refine service. First I pressed cancel after it said "make sure use it on right hand" after that I changed my equinox to the right and did the refine. when I checked my inventory, I just lost 200b instead of 100b, can you help me with that. thankyou!
  5. Finaaa

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    Still available?