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  1. cutelilshit

    Christmas Hat not working

    so I noticed in pvp I get 100k damage (because im thanable as well) with christmas hat on and when I changed it the same player dealt 40-50k. he might have change gears so I tested it out today and it was indeed not working. Tried with a ranger with no items other than the 3 to maximize the damage with ranger with same thana bow and arrow. note: my god of thunder sheer is +5 so i tried it with both +0 and +4 christmas hat +0 christmas hat damage: https://imgur.com/a/48os0DK +4 christmas hat damage: https://imgur.com/a/05LbH4C +5 god of thunder sheer: https://imgur.com/a/Es1mPJy
  2. cutelilshit

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    God of Thunder Set, Gold IS, IDS, Snow Dragon, 200b+. Merry christmas indeed.
  3. cutelilshit

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    using @jump removes it. the idea never came to me. brain is full of rum lol. sorry for the double post.
  4. cutelilshit

    Dreamer RO Christmas 2018 [ Finish ]

    @Sadie good day sir. using @delivery prevents us from moving and not letting us use @storage either.
  5. cutelilshit

    thank you for wasting my time

    elvski helped me so much when im new. its sad hes banned now i think. we lost a such a kind and loving and friendly player #FreeElvski
  6. cutelilshit

    Headgear with error sprite.

    Apparently I cant even move it on my storage because it errors as soon as I clicked it.
  7. cutelilshit

    Headgear with error sprite.

    Got this item from headgear gambler and it has a error sprite. Tried checking client updates but its already on latest.