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  1. We all here have the same opinion. For beginners, always have a Warlock (for the above mentioned task) and Guillotine Cross (MVP and events farming) ready.
  2. 7deadlysins


    Updated selling list again.
  3. 7deadlysins


    Updated Selling list.
  4. 7deadlysins


  5. 7deadlysins


    Already bought Blue Fairy and Gem of Pneuma.. Up for this.
  6. 7deadlysins


    If you are using undead scroll, then no, it wont have the immunity to frozen or stone curse. It will just have increased resistance with fire, wind, earth and water. If you are using undead armor or undead effect low hg, you probably used holy scroll too, so the undead effect is cancelled. If neither of the above is your situation, I dont know now haha.
  7. 7deadlysins

    Forging hammer fail

    Finally someone spoke of this. Thought it was only me having the "unlucky" streak. A hammer is 1Billion + 25 of those minerals. If we want to make it breakable, can the requirements for making it again be cheaper?
  8. 7deadlysins


    SELLING 4 pcs Pure Elunium 2 pcs Mercury Relic +0 Silver Aegis +0 Juggernaut Armor +0 Magnetite body Armor +0 Rustic Mantle +0 Supersonic Boots +0 Agile Cleats Yellow Blossom Wings High Priest Card Dark Snake Lord Card Lord of the Dead Card Dark Lord Card Baphomet Card TRADING All the items that I sell are also for trading, I am in need of the following (with Trading or Buying price or pm me for offers): Celine Kimi card = 25b Melee/Magic Flower Ring = 15b Shout in-game for negotiations. Thanks!
  9. Reminding you guys that gambling addiction can lead to broken families and/or relationships, loss of career, and may lead to anxiety or depression and eventually, suicide. YOU HAVE TO STOP WHILE YOU CAN.

    1. liyaperfidious


      Okok noted! XD

    2. miareeta


      That, or tons of money. The world is filled with vermin blessed by lady luck.

  10. 7deadlysins

    Press Your Luck Zeny Update

    ahh this explains it. No more people in Caspen. ALL TURNED TO GAMBLERS!!! hahahaha
  11. Because of stupid people who dont know how to control themselves and think that everyone wants to hear their opinion, now we dont get to enjoy the benefit of such channels. way to go douchebags.

    1. Greencross


      Yes..... then they say freedom of expression... Bunch of....idiots...!!!

  12. 7deadlysins

    Made New Record ft. MVP Ladder

  13. 7deadlysins

    Made New Record ft. MVP Ladder

    btw, I cannot clearly see but you are using some skills there. Would you mind sharing? Aside from EDP you are also using other SinX or GX skill.
  14. 7deadlysins

    Help PLZ

    I believe it is operating system specific. For Windows 8 and up, you usually have the region and language icon on the right part of the taskbar. you can change it to English or your preferred language.