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  1. 7deadlysins

    All Purpose WL Guide V2

    Every 10 LUK gives 1 PD. So if you have 500 LUK then, 50 PD. You add items PD, for example, Bee Ring gives 20PD. Adding it to your 50 PD from stats, make it 70. Now your PD is shown in your stats window as the right value of Flee: https://imgur.com/a/8cgcloV
  2. 7deadlysins

    Hero Quest Guide

    Hildebrand at [lighthalzen 256 122] Make sure you have Rank C exp
  3. 7deadlysins


    up up
  4. 7deadlysins

    HHH MVP/Hades Guide

    Requesting guide for killing HHH Hades/minions.
  5. 7deadlysins

    STP MVP Guide

    Requesting Save the Princess MVP guide for different jobs. Or if someone can give more information on STP MVPs. I already tried asking @Jhon, and he gave me good pointers. I just wanted it to be known to all players, and I am not an expert to create a job by myself. So if someone is so kind to share this info, that'd be great for the community
  6. 7deadlysins


    @Jhonif they are boss type, would Abyssmal Knight card work for these mobs? LOL. saw your guide, it specifically included AK card in weapon. Tyrant, Turtle General, 2x Abysmal Knight
  7. can some moderators pin this in RK guide? this is really useful guide
  8. 7deadlysins

    New Player

    I believe it is not intentionally being kept as a secret. But it's just that no one wants to do the detailed documentation part First, only those that actually touch the code base, know what specifically changed and by how much. Those are only admin Haze and a couple of developers - which have work in real life and different life shits to deal with than just running a free to play server. So you can already imagine that the detailed documentation part is not really on top of their priority list. That is also the reason why they are asking for players to contribute on the server's Wiki page. It is only when bugs get reported, then discussed, or when admin/developers announced something, that players here know that there has been an update/change. (See Announcement/Bugs section) Second, there is no forum thread made wherein every class gets to have its own documentation/change log like the ones you have linked. ADMIN/FORUM MODERATORS, this is actually a good feature to have in forums. HAHAHA
  9. 7deadlysins


    up up up
  10. 7deadlysins

    New Player

    Best thing is to try and experience it.
  11. 7deadlysins

    New Player

    I will answer your question as someone who has been playing for approximately 5 months on this server: What's the actual active population here? Less the vendors, 100-150 What is the WoE scene like? Which is the most active WoE? There are only 2 major guilds fighting for castles. Is the 2nd Jobs WoE using renewal mechanics or non-renewal? I'm not sure about this, but I think it is renewal-ish already. The server is listed as Renewal-ish, but I'm having a hard time finding a compendium of all the information. What is and isn't renewal? I cannot also give an exact information regarding this, but try to go through this wiki page as it is supposedly the updated information/guide that we have: http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page On the topic of custom changes, what are all the custom changes? Custom changes includes skills, card effects, custom instances, automated events, server feature such as Miner World, equipment like Headgears, costumes etc. Is there somewhere specific where I can find all of this info? Please try to visit the Wiki link above and also browse through the Announcement and Guides section. I decided to play this server and is still playing it because of the many things I can do and explore. I do pvp but mostly pvm stuff, and the server features compensate both. I get to farm and pvp at the same time. Try the server so we can have new bloods in game. See ya. In-game you can ask around or use @request to reach online Support Players or post here in forums. Whisper to #trade or #main to join discussions. Alternatively, join our guild: Scintilla as we are accepting newbies in guiding them through the game.
  12. 7deadlysins

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    looking forward to this
  13. 7deadlysins

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    IMHO, the answer is obvious. Go for Blades of Destiny if it is included. Variant rares can be bought with zeny, other rares with Donation Tokens. But you can only get blades of destiny via heroic coins... I think xD
  14. 7deadlysins


  15. 7deadlysins


    GG congrats on those Fortune chests