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  1. Indominus


  2. Indominus


    updated sold items! thanks for buying @warp gold_mart 80 103
  3. Indominus

    [ UPDATED ] Collection Job Guide Link

    I can see it fine. make sure that you're in Desktop. I experience that when I am using my phone to browse.
  4. Indominus


    Minor update, up for sale! @warp gold_mart 80 103
  5. Indominus

    Halloween Event 2019 [Phase 2]

    This is my first halloween event. Just want to ask if the items in phase 2 and phase 3 will be available via dtoks? (I'm one of those who cannot grind due to real life shits)
  6. Indominus


  7. Indominus


    updated sold items. Up Up Up @warp gold_mart 80 103
  8. Indominus

    In-game Transactions (MVP Cards)

    If you want to have better gears instantly, you go full donate in exchange for what others already said, "Donation Tokens/ Credits", then buy items that may be account bound or tradeable depending on your preference. However, I can guarantee you that even without donating, the server still gives a chance to acquire those high-end gears, but of course, you will need to grind and farm which may take time.
  9. Indominus

    Hero Happy Hour Guide

    At least need to be a hero to have better weapon. Best is if you are already an elite hero. Search the Guides section to obtain more information.
  10. Indominus

    Elite Hero Quest?

    For leveling up hero exp, there are a couple of guides in forums already. But if your job is not Warlock, put on auto cast gears and high INT and MATK items and cards. Just try searching forums, Guides section.
  11. I haven't done Caspen farming in a while. But when I tried to do the 3k kills for my different elite characters, I found out that GC RG is the fastest. So for me, it is the most efficient choice.
  12. Indominus

    Elite Hero Quest?

    Pvp kill count is now replaced by 3000 Caspen Dungeon monster kills. Be sure that you are already in that part of the quest so your Caspen Dungeon kill is counted.
  13. Indominus


    Clean up and updated items for selling. @warp gold_mart 80 103
  14. Indominus

    Royal Guard Caspen Farming

    if you look closely, the alternative items that can be used are in there too. You don't have to be a donator, but you have to grind to have some zeny to buy some of them. others can be bought in V4P or Daily Quest shops.
  15. Indominus

    Elite Hero Quest?