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  1. altheakyenne

    Painful "mistakes" that sounds funny now

    drop 47pcs token of siegfred on faceworm queen nest while cleaning trash stuff i looted
  2. altheakyenne

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    These below need reload (don't exchange for now if you want hero exp)Old Photo Album (Quest item + 100k Hero EXP)Shabby Pill (Quest item +100k Hero EXP)Rusty Bracelet (Quest item +100k Hero exp) Where to use these items???
  3. altheakyenne

    RG Sacrifice Build HHH

    include Lilith Card on shield. that boost your hp too. nice guide.
  4. so cheap Wan. nice. thanks for selling me HERA Egg for 30b. pinunong taltal here.
  5. altheakyenne

    Chibixcore's DIVISORIA! Buy and Sell

    naks daming bentahin. B>Chibixcore = wampipti
  6. altheakyenne

    Modified Temporal Boots

    @Sadieive got temporal boots (normal) now. if i want to upgrade. is it random stat or you can choose you want to have?
  7. altheakyenne

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    question. seems like you use RG in the picture. what skill to use then to kill her?
  8. altheakyenne

    Glast Heim / Horror toy Factory

    Up to this. i wish veterans there would give us guide in finishing it.
  9. altheakyenne


    i can solo it and finish it for 75% at the time using RG sacrifice type all the way. Try it for you to know why 75% only.
  10. altheakyenne

    Daily Quest Revamp

    I'm fine with acc bound cards. making them tradeable would kill the mvp hunters as well as bloody branch investors. :)