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  1. altheakyenne

    Modified Temporal Boots

    @Sadieive got temporal boots (normal) now. if i want to upgrade. is it random stat or you can choose you want to have?
  2. altheakyenne

    Instance Walkthrough [Horror Factory]

    question. seems like you use RG in the picture. what skill to use then to kill her?
  3. altheakyenne

    Glast Heim / Horror toy Factory

    Up to this. i wish veterans there would give us guide in finishing it.
  4. altheakyenne


    i can solo it and finish it for 75% at the time using RG sacrifice type all the way. Try it for you to know why 75% only.
  5. altheakyenne

    Daily Quest Revamp

    I'm fine with acc bound cards. making them tradeable would kill the mvp hunters as well as bloody branch investors. :)