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    2. ApexPredator
    3. ApexPredator


      @justCallmeToki Were you my DM mission buddy ? My hazy memory won't tell. Let's gamble again!!!😆

    4. onion


      Lol, I don't mind it if we just be commenting here like some chat hahaha (but I don't know how far it can go xD)
      I'll just add you as friend on my Discord anyway.

  2. ApexPredator

    [Updated] Price Check Thread

    Price Check - +7 Gastraphetes
  3. ApexPredator

    [Updated] Price Check Thread

    Can we get a new update on this please, Asap! really helpful guide just need some tallies on the sever.........!!
  4. Hi, I recently Bought 300 items from a vending shop that never appeared in my inventory and even lost zeny, what do I do about this?

  5. If you find me Kill me Or be Conquered. 

    1. Zerro
    2. ApexPredator


      Haha how, im kicking off the weekend well as you can see...hahaha