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  1. Guys if you repeat bets while betting on columns in the roulette game inside the casino in Caspen, It does not Register or Take that bet, is what I wanted to highlight to you guys. Im gonna post a Screenshot of what happened last night. Hope it helps. I have several others playing with me who have saved the problem. Save our community make this game simpler or atleast fix it for future players so that they dont face this problem and have a bad image about the server. (Will try and screenie this soon cuz I lose zeny for screening this and short on zeny!)
  2. ApexPredator


    Guys how do you get the Elven Bow btw?
  3. Hi, I recently Bought 300 items from a vending shop that never appeared in my inventory and even lost zeny, what do I do about this?

  4. If you find me Kill me Or be Conquered. 

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      Haha how, im kicking off the weekend well as you can see...hahaha

  5. If you find me Kill me, Otherwise a pestering Nightmare I will become who will conquer.