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  1. Ronpogs


  2. Ronpogs


    hm for stalker card?
  3. Ronpogs

    fresh items stolen from noob rg

    +8 only
  4. Ronpogs

    June Balancing Patch #1

    nc @Haze good job! reduce CD of Falcon assaulter too to make it viable thanks it only does 100k damage with full resist its still not that viable like grimtooth or sacri. for the same range it's not fair thanks!
  5. Ronpogs

    ~ SELLING ~

  6. Ronpogs

    ~ SELLING ~

    +8 Onyx Guard offer
  7. ok I'll buy one for 12b
  8. it's not tradeable
  9. Ronpogs

    Fritas Zone

    +10 Divine for 35b
  10. Ronpogs

    B>+10 Polarbear Cap

    nope its rare I bought it for 85b
  11. Ronpogs

    B>+10 Polarbear Cap

  12. Ronpogs

    AFK Gaming with GeForce GTX G-Assist

    that was an April Fools gag lol you fell for it what a noob.
  13. Ronpogs

    B>+9 Noble Hat

    +10 for white polar bear hat same effect for 80b only
  14. Ronpogs

    B>Gem of Sight