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  1. Ronpogs

    Fritas Zone

    +10 Divine for 35b
  2. Ronpogs

    B>+10 Polarbear Cap

    nope its rare I bought it for 85b
  3. Ronpogs

    B>+10 Polarbear Cap

  4. Ronpogs

    AFK Gaming with GeForce GTX G-Assist

    that was an April Fools gag lol you fell for it what a noob.
  5. Ronpogs

    B>+9 Noble Hat

    +10 for white polar bear hat same effect for 80b only
  6. Ronpogs

    B>Gem of Sight

  7. nice update put Super Saiyan Aura as well please to complete my SSJ set @HaZe
  8. Ronpogs

    Happy Valentines Day!

    is that lvl 10 sonic blow?
  9. Ronpogs

    Happy Valentines Day!

    i'll take a x2 credit donation event!
  10. Ronpogs

    Battleground Rewards Update

    thanks bossing haze
  11. Ronpogs

    The Return of Gepard Shield

    turn off your anti virus
  12. Ronpogs

    The Return of Gepard Shield

    yeah I sense a AB/Sorce/Warlock who shows up all at the same time they seem strong in HA but garbage in WOE. I wonder what now without their little 0 delay edge whats left of their rotting heads? lol.
  13. Ronpogs

    The Return of Gepard Shield

    yeah destroy all 0 delay boys and their rotting brains.
  14. Ronpogs

    S>+10 Magnetite Armor