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  1. Sporting a new look ❤️

  2. @Rad @HaZe

    To all who know me in the dRO community. Im not dead, quitting the sever,  nor do i plan on leaving the server anytime soon! Me and my husband are on vacation until next week. As a support player I will try to stay active on the forums to answer questions and i am also on the dRO discord as @Xeno+Xena+Zen if anyone has any IG questions. I love you all and i cant wait to return!

  3. Probably my favorite screenshot that I've ever taken. Thank you for all the wonderful times @Rad and many more to come!


    1. Rad


      ❤️ ~ Never-Ending Memories More To Come ~ ❤️ 


    2. zpunk


      You guys didn't invite me to your wedding oof lol gratz tho :th_no1:

  4. Looking over niflheim calms me down ❤️


  5. So i tried to change the color of my Doram's hair, and it crashed the game. Now i cant login cause it gives me the attached crash log every time. More than likely cause  a sprite that i'm trying to see cant be loaded and the game cant register it. Any GM out there care to lend some aid in resolving my issue?


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    2. zpunk


      Sorry, login to your account in playdreamerro.com > my account > click on suspected character > click reset look on top of viewing character

    3. AmyRosePetal


      ty so much


    4. onion


      I got the same bug with my Doram. The good news is that you can still change your hair colour using traditional means. There is a hairstylist in Lighthalzen. She can change your hair colour if you have the dyes. She has very few colour options, but it works for my Doram. ^^

  6. AmyRosePetal

    Changes on Forums and Staff Team

    Very thankful for the update. Will stay vigilant for the opportunities as a support player and try to help out in any way i can.
  7. If any newer players have questions, feel free to reply to this and i'll answer to the best of my ability, or atleast find you someone who may have an answer for you 🙂

  8. AmyRosePetal

    About the current GM/SP team

    Not only excited for the update, but i am actually interested in the support player role and there impact for the server.
  9. Looking forward to helping the community and any newer player in any way I can!