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  1. GM Cersei

    looking for a social guild

    There good luck ~
  2. GM Cersei

    Corona Virus Awareness [ Phase 1 ] Farming Build

    Thank you so much for your contribution ~ Hope more people join this post sharing more super cool builds for our event
  3. GM Cersei

    not so new? but hey!!! :)

    Welcome back @Lars Roux enjoy and stay at home¡
  4. GM Cersei

    (Legacy RO Player) New Here Though!

    Hello, Welcome to the server have fun
  5. GM Cersei

    never got the Owl Baron card !!!

    woapss so rude I dont know why people so rude when Im trying to help If you prettending I give you the card that you lost, Im sorry sir but im not allowed to do that And yes, if you can't get the card for overweight should be on the floor, but thats not an SS watching me that you are on thanatos, and I can't see the card cause of course you warped out while the card got droped on the floor
  6. GM Cersei

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    Thank you for reminder We have peeps asking about ~
  7. GM Cersei

    never got the Owl Baron card !!!

    Hi Its just looks like you on red on overweight is not just the number is if you have a lot of diferent items in your inventory will count like overweight Just check dont be in red ~~ Btws you can just farm it again drop is super high like you can have a bunch of those cards in less than 1 hour on thanatos tower (1 hour is an exageration not literally ) but easy to farm~
  8. GM Cersei

    DreamerRO 2020

  9. GM Cersei

    Special Valentines Event 2020

    Thank you so much @Sadie
  10. GM Cersei

    Honorable Guild

    cool banner Snow ~~ Thank you very much Sadie and HaZe for this update
  11. GM Cersei

    SP Hiring Applications!

    Good luck guys ~~
  12. GM Cersei


    in name of all players to asking for this guide Juan did it in english
  13. Gracias por el aporte Juan ~
  14. GM Cersei

    Christmas tokens and loots remaining

    save your christmas tokens and loots for next christmas seasonal event, The time for this event has ended but as I said you can only save items from next event ~~

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    2. GM Cersei

      GM Cersei

      @Latte lmao did you learned the lines of cersei lannister very well xD 

      sansa innocent pigeon 

      Love is poison~ A sweet poison yes, but will kill you all the same time 😈

    3. Latte


      Cersei Lannister was annoying at the beginning. But after I finished the show I relate more to Cersei than Danaerys 😅

      p.s GM Cersei and Cersei Lannister are 2 different persons!

    4. GM Cersei

      GM Cersei

      @Feurille cause he killed our mom? xDD 

      @Latte Yes Im just me cause nobody cant be me 😎 im unique lmao