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  1. GM Cersei

    Honorable Guild

    cool banner Snow ~~ Thank you very much Sadie and HaZe for this update
  2. GM Cersei

    SP Hiring Applications!

    Good luck guys ~~
  3. GM Cersei


    in name of all players to asking for this guide Juan did it in english
  4. Gracias por el aporte Juan ~
  5. GM Cersei

    Christmas tokens and loots remaining

    save your christmas tokens and loots for next christmas seasonal event, The time for this event has ended but as I said you can only save items from next event ~~

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    2. GM Cersei

      GM Cersei

      @Latte lmao did you learned the lines of cersei lannister very well xD 

      sansa innocent pigeon 

      Love is poison~ A sweet poison yes, but will kill you all the same time 😈

    3. Latte


      Cersei Lannister was annoying at the beginning. But after I finished the show I relate more to Cersei than Danaerys 😅

      p.s GM Cersei and Cersei Lannister are 2 different persons!

    4. GM Cersei

      GM Cersei

      @Feurille cause he killed our mom? xDD 

      @Latte Yes Im just me cause nobody cant be me 😎 im unique lmao 

  7. GM Cersei

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Blank cards are not tradeable and yes, the only way is for trialhs sir ~
  8. GM Cersei

    Baneada por olvidar mi contraseña

    Quizas tu cuenta no ha sido activada aun y por eso te da ban como dijo PanFlippingCak por favor envia un suport ticket explicando tu situacion ~
  9. GM Cersei

    Halloween Event 2019 [Finale]

    Hi, you can exchange the death Weapon ticket on Achievement manager NPC at @go 0 174 188 last option~
  10. It has been bad and good moments to shared with you is hard to think that you are anymore with us  thank you for be my friend i really will miss this momments we will always remember you we will never forget you friend I hope you now resting in a better place 

    rest in peace my good friend @Octavion Vonderheide 

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    2. verrdii
    3. Latte


      One of our good friend passed away, he belong to the staff team. 

    4. Alahia
  11. GM Cersei

    Des francais en 2019 ?

    Hi, I don't speak french, Im sorry , but I welcome you to our server . I hope you can find some good friends soon on game and have fun ~~
  12. GM Cersei

    Costume guide

    Hello guys~ As I readed some comments about there is no guide about what a costume is and questions like if costumes are tradeable or not I decided to create this short guide explaning about Customes. Description: A costume is a normal item that you can make it custome here Location: Capen 182 219 using @warp caspen 182 219 How this npc Work? Well you need an item that you like for to be costumized can be account bound item (This costume can't be trade) Or a normal item (This can be trade) Read the description of the item for check if is tradeable or account bound (rares auras mostly of this items are account bound thats mean it can't be trade. The NPC will give you a warning where it say the item will lose all the property What is a Donation Token? The Required Items: I hope you find it useful, if I miss some detail feel free to comment this guide Thank you for read
  13. GM Cersei

    can't get my hero weapon always stuck to that dialog

    Agree with @GM Snow just try maybe this solve the problem ~~
  14. GM Cersei

    can't get my hero weapon always stuck to that dialog

    Hello You Dont really need to wait 2 hours ~
  15. GM Cersei

    I got banned?

    Hello This Section isn't for answers or questions about bans go to the correct section Ban appeal if you think is unfair there you will have more details ~