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  1. GMCersei

    Hero Quest Guide

    You need to be elite.
  2. GMCersei

    Hero Quest Guide

    Yes, you need to try multiple times Until the Phologopite get drop.... If you fail the quest (limite time quest) you must talk to the NPC again and search the Poporing again in some moment will drop that phologopite.
  3. GMCersei

    Surprise Box Rare Rotation (03/24/2019)

    1 Donation token each check Miscellaneous Shop into donation girl NPC.
  4. GMCersei

    HHH Lite/Phantasmagoria - BETA

    Ohh this update sound just awesome thank you!!
  5. GMCersei

    DreamerRO Wiki

    Dont Touch that guide Or I will burn all of you guyssss try in another ugle guide please thank you -.-
  6. GMCersei

    New Player here

    Welcome Lyumia
  7. GMCersei

    Elite Hero Job Changer

    Awesome Update as always Thank you for this!!^-^
  8. GMCersei

    Battleground Rewards Update

    Thank you for this great Update Haze good job!!!^^
  9. GMCersei

    The Return of Gepard Shield

    Great no cheatersss gg Nice update !!!
  10. GMCersei

    Vote4Points Shop Update

    Wow !! Great update Good job and Thank you!