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  1. shuttler01

    Mining Health/Decay

    also a question about mining, when it says upgrade failed on your boots, does it upgrade or just means it will break the drill 100% all the time?
  2. shuttler01

    Mining Health/Decay

    it really gets into you when you try to search for a long for the mine and just collapses right after a few mines. perhaps Haze can readjust the health it initially has.
  3. shuttler01

    Mining Health/Decay

    May i know how the mine health/decay works when you mine is? A LOT OF TIMES i try to mine and just once it just disintegrates/empties.. i dont get why they do this but i see a branch new mine when i check the miner guide npc in caspen which i was before(say Nameless_n map) and when i check the npc mine, it says there the same map and i get to it collapses right away after a few mines.. at least give me 5 minutes to mine before it collapses not just once..