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A 2nd job balancing patch is scheduled to be implemented July 22nd. (read moreem.png 


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  1. Imma go ahead and assume Dorams and Rebellions are still irrelevant and will probably never be fixed. Other "new" maps and official quests too I guess? Ok ok. I uninstall soon after I go in one last time... uh when I remember, lol. Laptoppi need more free space.

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      wait 10 or maybe 20 years.. those classes should be relevant by then😂

    3. liyaperfidious


      @Lv1 Akikiw GOODBYE FRIEND

      @FARMNKILL Ok I be in wheelchair by then when reinstalling lol

      @HaZe My love is only for Rebellion. I'll be in AU Einbech always, feeding cats, helping old ladies and promoting guns. 😎

    4. Jhon
  2. aha

    1. onion
    2. Feurille


      I'm sorry dieter I had to remove you from the guild for now since you've been inactive for 14 days. I'll send you an invite when you're back.

    3. liyaperfidious


      Dieter: That's ok! You'd need more space for new active members, it's understandable : D Good luck and have fun!!

  3. Hey hey look I drew Rookie.

    Some may know, some may not know who he is...


    1. onion


      Ye boi~ Rookie~


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    2. onion


      NC!! xD Oh busy with work eh, ok. ^^

      I went online a bit, but seems to be at the wrong time, hahaha. Managed to bump into Apex some days ago and he said he did see you, so I was like "aaaaa whyyyy". Saw you win Poring Catcher through the Dreamer website though, hehehehhe. Would've mini-celebrated that in Caspen if I was on, haha.

      (My Doram says hi.)

    3. liyaperfidious


      Aww mannn I missed it 😕
      Yeah, haha keep online at diff times now.

    4. MagicianNC


      we need to like agree to meet on 1 day and time XD

  5. liyaperfidious


    Goodbye again! Lol. Mm, but yeaa just gotta choose the right pack to hang out with.
  7. "Sorry you cannot add more reactions for today" But yes, I am with Onion also on this. Balancing whatever is ok. Taking time to update codes stuff is ok. All are ok as long as we are informed and not ignored.
  8. For clarification purposes, on the topic of Rebellion skills (which sadly I have to bring up again and in Onion's post) What skill don't work? Howling Mine (If it already works tell me) What skill don't work as it should? Bound Trap (in DRO it is to be casted far from us and cannot be near a person, also seems like no effect in HHH) Hammer of God (in DRO it requires to select the ground/target after using Crimson Marker) Also has no sprite effect so it's hard to tell whether we did it or not. Banishing Buster doesn't have the skill name text appear when casted, or any skill effect above player sprite (the ghost stuff) so... again hard to tell if it was done. How it should work? Bound Trap is casted underneath us and can be used on boss mobs. Hammer of God is supposed to auto-appear without selecting target. If no mobs are Crimson Marked, it'll be somewhere around us. Has fancy effect so you know that the Hammer has fallen somewhere. What skill work but don't work in certain maps like HHH and Caspen Dungeon? Eternal Chain (can be casted, but no indication at the side and doesn't give the double attack it should) Heat Barrel (similar as above, but in this case doesn't amplify damage as it should) Regardless whether this clarification is necessary or not, I decided to put it up here in case it would be of needed reference. These are statements of my experience, not an opinion, not a suggestion of any sort. Take it as it is. [Edit: For me, I can't say much about Doram because Rebellion is my main]
  9. Yeah I got what you said the first time. I get that you said Doram skills would be available with the revised emulator etc. Idk why you had to bring up the nerfing/skill balancing tbh. I'm just saying Rebellion skills don't work the way it's meant to. And Onion says Dorams don't have half their skills. (which I'm aware could be implemented in the future as what you said). As for the last bit -- DONE.
  10. Illiterates.

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    2. liyaperfidious


      I mean I could still give some suggestions to storyline if they are taking suggestions. I'm all for improving the server where it's within my abilities. I can't code or script whatever, so I do only what I can , which is to suggest what can be worked on, etc. I wouldn't be extremely sad or angry if my suggestions are not taken.

      I try to be coherent in my sentences and convey neutrality, but it's quite difficult when it seems that people view anything I say as a complaint or a threat. I've made some emotional comments in the past, but only because I was ignored way too many times.

    3. Latte


      Because, only Sadie or Haze thats in full authority. Even development staff cant say much until they get “green light”, let alone a customer-service staff like me LOL

    4. liyaperfidious


      Ja. I am aware of that.

  11. I'm criiiii at the amount of misunderstanding on this post ._. Edit: Even with all the explanation, people still don't understand. RIP.
  12. liyaperfidious

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    THIS. UPVOTE x 100000
  13. Dorams and Rebellions should be able to do (and have) their skills. Nth about skill balancing lol
  14. I do include the question briefly (because I think any longer might end up being cut off) but I get people saying just like one letter or sth. Or just one word. Or "where are you", which could literally be anyone asking for any reason LOL Idr who it was though. RIP Exactly THIS. UGH YES what I'm saying every time! It cannot be stressed enough that they need an edit to rules. You gotta be good to get good. Also, I don't think I ever ignore people? Except those "hello sir how do i sit" kind of newbies. Sorry if I did though. And I think names can be mentioned in the proper channels, like when report or sth, or pm, as a precaution to avoid. If you expect people to not stay, that is already an expectation. So, it's better to take it as it is, in this case.
  15. Yeah, haha thought as much. Understood. Which is why, there's really no time for feelings anymore. "Takes up mental space" or not, it's part of the responsibility. If they are unable to, then resigning is an option. I'm sure there won't be restriction to that?? But I can understand about the time-consuming part, especially if majority are asses. When it comes to enforcing rules, they have to be impartial. Probation or whatever, if provided with evidence for the report and reason of ban, what is wrong with that? Probation just means like a training: you should still have the power to take action, and leave the final call to the higher-ups. Can't keep worrying about whether others would think they are abusing their new power or not. You gotta be firm in what you think is right. In any leadership position, ignoring the problem would actually be bad for them in the long run. OH- since you mentioned the @request , I'd like to suggest(?) sth?? Like when we ask sth, can the person who replies say sth like "Hi, what seems to be the problem?". Because whenever I ask, they just straight away answer but vaguely, that I didn't even know they were the ones responding to the request. It's quite confusing, especially since Helpers don't really have a special font colour in-game.