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  1. I STILL THINK HHH / PHANTASMAGORIA aka pseudo-Phantasmagorika HAS A LOT TO WORK ON.

    Besides my non-functioning Rebellion skills and non-existent elemental bullets, 'last hit counts' nonsense should be changed to most dmg. I get that the last hit thing was made probably to give an even ground for all, and a "matter of luck", but a lot of lazy 3rd Jobs take advantage over that. To be fair, I saw a few decent ones who just minding their own business, being civilised ... unlike some people. But I think it's easier and fair if it were like MVP style, where most dmg matters and it's still "free for all" in a way.

    Also, please make Rebellion Bound traps and Slug Shot have some effect. It's bad enough Heat Barrel and Eternal Chain doesn't work (and that makes Quick Draw Shot meaningless) and those things there are so many elements yet we've no Elemental Bullets.

    I would've put this in suggestions, but Sadie etc don't give a fk and nobody reads so whatever anymore.

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    2. liyaperfidious


      LOL agreed.

      I want to experience it in this server too... I've been here for quite a while and I don't feel right to leave a sinking ship, but rather find ways to overcome the problem. Another issue is that Idk how the whole server is coded and what difficulties may arise (if any) should they be taking the suggestions. But I also think that if other servers can do it, so why can't we? I get the feeling they just have overworked staff with no passion.

    3. onion


      Hahhaa very good ad example xD

      Some returning veteran who goes for PVP made a Doram and is in my guild. When I told him I am inspired by him to gear up, he said to me, "Just give up." Because the class is so lacking, he couldn't make a decent damage. Still, he was kind enough to teach me how to gear up a bit.

      Yeahhh! I want to try out in Dreamer too~ I just wish they give what was meant to be available in the fist place.

    4. liyaperfidious


      I'll need to organise my thoughts to get it all coherent XD