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  1. Ace2nd

    b>warrior skull

    go 11. ill give you
  2. Ace2nd

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    Carried out. Now working satisfactorily. Thanks.
  3. Ace2nd

    Server Balance Patch 2022

    I cant move and get stuck after Casting Assumption to others including my self.
  4. Evolve Blade of Dragon. Please.. Thanks
  5. Ace2nd

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    Good day, Information well received and appreciated if you can enlarge mini boss size 10x larger to be fair for every farmer. Thanks and best regards
  6. Ace2nd

    Halloween Event 2020 - [ENDED]

    Thanks for all of this.
  7. Ace2nd

    OverGearded Member

    I havent got the screenshot with you cursing me inside prt_gld dun.Your so jealous of me because of Im killing and find the mobs faster than u are, despite of u can kill me with just 1 hit of your DB with my Gx Boss hunt build. you cant accept that. Thats why you Trashed talk me a lot and drove me crazy and went overboard. I fall for your trap. Please dont forget what you say, what hatred drives me to say those towards you and went overboard with microphone coz u exall. Everyone has their limits. Anywayz What I did say was so inappropiated. willing to accept the punishement. Please dont attacked the guild. Please report on the right section not here. this is my last responsed. Or maybe you have some agenda why making this in public.
  8. Ace2nd

    Coronavirus Event [ 2nd Wave ]

    Good day I may suggest HHH kills be given an extra Appretoken just like before. Mobs killl 5:1 appreciation token or as per your perusal Players Kill 1:7 appreciation tokens or as per your perusal. Thanks and best regards.
  9. Here is the list of (Dont's) to avoid pet lost. 1. Dont overfeed them.. 2. Dont left your character with pet unattended for a long period of time. 3. Dont Enter Woe castles with pet and having an enventory full as they are forcely returned to egg and if your inventory is full it will eventually drop. 4. Dont enter prt_gld dun with pet and having an enventory full as they are forcely returned to egg and if your inventory is full it will eventually drop. 5. For Looting pets. - Dont returned them to egg when your inventory is full. as they will drop eventually with a full inventory.... Always check your inventory space before doing such thing and let them do performance to drop loots prior returning them to an egg form. - Refer to list 1, 2, 3 and 4..... and you will always be good to go. This happened to me twice just lucky for the second time my guidiest took them and returned back to me at peace. In case i forgot to mention anything that is usefull kindly post everything down for everyone to let know. Enjoy delightfull moments with your pets. Thanks
  10. Ace2nd

    PK Contest [July]

    Nice Event
  11. Ace2nd

    Event was a Success

    Thanks for the memory https://postimg.cc/p9qq5MSW
  12. Difficulty Scale: Rates how difficult a BG game mode is in comparison to other modes. Example: 1 = Easy & 5 = Hard Rate the following BG Game Modes for Difficulty Capture the Flag - 3 Triple Inferno - 3 Eye of the Storm - 3 Team Deathmatch - 5 Domination - 2 Rush - 3 Conquest - 3 Bossnia - 2 Stone Control - 2 =============================================== Average Round Duration: An estimate of how long each BG mode typically lasts. (Example: 45 sec or 10 min) Capture the Flag - 12mins Triple Inferno - 6mins Eye of the Storm - 5mins Team Deathmatch - 6mins Domination - 5mins Rush - 6mins Conquest - 5mins Bossnia - 4mins Stone Control - 6mins =============================================== Favorite BG Game Modes: Number the game modes below from least favorite to favorite. Example: 1 would be your least favorite game mode and 9 would be your favorite game mode. Capture the Flag - 7 Triple Inferno - 2 Eye of the Storm - 6 Team Deathmatch - 5 Domination - 5 Rush - 7 Conquest - 5 Bossnia - 7 Stone Control - 9 IGN: Sierra Mike
  13. Ace2nd

    eremes scarf

    you can also get it in fortune headgear box.
  14. Ace2nd

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Basically I agree with this idea since Auto SB headgear done great help cultivating newbies as this help a lot on their farming activities avoiding them left behind and getting bored then quit. Pro Players find this benefiting but they spend hard works and zenies for their set if they are using this for instances.
  15. +1 surely try this build .......