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  1. New headgear gifted to me by big bro Sven. It is a... Turtle Shell hat...


    Mmm... I, uh... It's, uh... kinda big for my head... and the sprite is a bit off for my head (from the side)... Still, thanks, Sven. 😅

    OK. Bye.

  2. A couple of dudes were talking of Dorams in Caspen about 12 hours ago. Dude 1, I have seen before in the old days because the name is very familiar to me... Anyway Dude 1 was shocked when they saw me and said wth is that cat. The other dude, Dude 2 asked where and Dude 1 said there and then I accidentally pressed @go 0 LOL. I came back and Dude 1 was asking Dude 2 more things.

    The conversation below is based on memory where the only thing different might be Dude 1's spelling and word choice. Dude 2 speaks very properly like some people we know...

    Dude 1: wth is that
    Dude 2: what
    D1: that cat
    D2: Where?
    D1: there
    <and then I accidentally pressed @go 0, LOL. I returned and sat at my spot, a few cells away from them>
    D1: Dorams are online already?
    D2: Yes.
    D1: Can they go HHH?
    D2: Yes but they can't be heroes.
    D1: They can't be heroes but can HHH?
    D2: Hmm, not sure. Haven't tried it myself.
    D1: I think I'll delete a char ... my slots are full.
    D2: Just make new account.
    D1: Don't see much Dorams around.
    D2: Maybe there is a reason that we don't know as to why they aren't... around that much.

    They were talking like I don't exist, LOL. I would have gone up to them, but I type very slow. Besides, Dude 2 left the scene shortly after and Dude 1 seems to have parked himself.

    What I would have said is:

    Of course no one plays Doram! Dorams can't be hero, Dorams are not as strong as 3rd jobs because Dorams lack many skills and are nerfed! In this server where everyone's all about strength and killing off other players, Dorams are kid's choice of class! Dx The only reason anyone even chooses a Doram is just for fun and as another Doram said on the forum, for fashionRO! DDD'x

    And maybe add a little Lord Ichi:

    You foul mortals! You just wait, Lord Ichi will pluck the feathers off from your gryphon! He will destroy all RGs!

    Nah, kidding. But really though, I stand by what I say about Dorams. If these guys ever make Dorams, I hope to recruit them. I WANT to recruit them. +_+

    1. miareeta


      I was against a Doram in BG a few days ago, and it's a huge understatement to say that I was surprised. This Doram kept hitting me with a long range skill that dealt 100k each cast (?). I'm not sure if I was seeing things... but I definitely would have died if I wasn't an Arch Bishop.

      Adding 'Dorams' to my list of weaknesses.

      Edit: Just did a rundown on all Doram skills. Why have I not created a Doram yet?

    2. onion


      Wowwww thanks for this info. I've always believed that non-3rd jobs can be quite powerful in their own way if they are fully-geared. That Doram you went up against is a live example~ Man, I'd love to see that Doram's EQ! I wonder if that Doram's name was Harith because my buddy Sven tells me he always sees that name in the announcement for PvP.

      Sad to say, Doram skills are limited (or maybe it's just me?). According to iRO, there's like a whole bunch of 'Advanced Skills' that they have, but somehow it's not in my Skills window. And I read someone said that Dorams have been nerfed, so... yeah...

      Still, if you ever make one, it'd be nice to have you in my Lasagna guild. We don't go for WoE though, so feel free to join or leave guild, hehe. I'm just simply sending out guild invitations. ^^

  3. My very first Dice Master Trophy!! xDDD My fellow Dorams and guild members of Lasagna! Behold your Guild Master's trophy!!


    For the first time after participating endless times, I have finally won Dice Event! I am Doram Dice Master! DARAM DAHCE MASTAAAAHH xDDD YAASSSSSSS!!!!! So excited!

    oh, you doram can't be Hero? it ok, we give you Trophy

    why thank you my good man

    most welcome, little doram


    OK. I am content. Bye. I still want my advanced skills though. =_=

    UPDATE: I also won Poring Catcher later like omggg xDDD -- so I'm thinking I won't be winning anything for a while, hahahaha

  4. A mixture of issues with Doram Summoner. It's nice that the double-casting of Picky Peck and other skills work now and that the buffs from the Doram EQ are also working, but still some issues left. Greater Tuna Talisman still not working fully. It says that the Talisman enables us to use Level 9 heal, yet the skill does not appear in our Etc. skill tab. I don't think it is important since we Dorams have Tuna Belly; but if the item description promises it, then it should be implemented. Soul Attack skill does not exist in the Skills tab. Help. The whole bunch of 'Advanced Skills' are missing in our Skills tab, is it unattainable at all? :< Random example: Meow Meow, Grooming, Spirit of Savage, etc...The pre-requisite is to be Summoner Base Level 100... Now we're Level 500, still nowhere in sight. The entire Pasta/Far Star continent is empty. No NPC s at all. Not sure if there should be any mobs outside in Ravioli maps because all I see are the ones people leave irresponsibly after using their Bloody Branch. And the fact that @go lasagna leads you to Caspen is just as disheartening. I'm glad that @warp lasagna works, at the very least. So I suggest that Port Town Lasagna have its NPCs, please? Stylist -- hair style and hair colour problem, causes the game to crash. I encountered this earlier this month (a bit before 4th March or so), but I dare not check if it is already fixed because I have reseted my hairstyle and dyed it traditionally via an NPC. Misc. issues: Forum profile does not have the 'Summoner' option to be put as Fave Class. Can we have that please? ^^ Why can't Doram Summoners be Hero? Is it broken or will it be available once our Advanced Skills are up? Is it true that Dorams are nerfed? Are the lack of Advanced Skills part of it? Because I made a Doram fan art and someone commented how powerful we are, and I was clueless. And the Travelling Musician in the game... ehem... please allow it to play at least to track 170. Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from GM/someone soon. --edit: Sorry, I misunderstood the Technical & Bugs category description. :< This should be under bugs but I cannot delete post...
  5. Hello~ Unemployed Unit here. So far, this is my humble collection of cute headgears. ^^ Well, this is all I can show you anyway since I can't scroll up in the image...


    Some of them I made (this is where the fun is!), some of them were monster drops, some from gambling, and some of them were gifts! To top it off, 'ForMyVendingPurposes' gifted me with whole load more in Caspen (thanks again!). So, now... uhm... my little Poring Backpack is getting to full... Can't even do Daily Quest properly, hahaha.

    So I figured I should invest in... a Gem of Carting. T_T ... yeah... I have a free Chubby Earthworm Talisman, so I put the Gem in there and...


    ...voila! A cart! Even that, it was more than half-full, so I had to remove any headgear that is too big for me.

    Also, my Barry the Chopper is loyal pet now! xD

    OK bye.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. onion


      Too many other things belonging to other people (char), heheh. Plus, I want to be able to cuddle all my hats. Don't want other people's scent from their things coming onto my hats. u_u

    3. caramellmacchiato


      Omg does cat have strong smelling ability too >.<

    4. onion


      No, but we have our own kitty scent that we like. xD

  6. Wuwuwuuu :th_sob: Cannot use Boarding Halter in Caspen anymore...

    1. caramellmacchiato


      Since when have we been able to use halter in caspen 

    2. onion


      I had the liberty of doing so for many days... Me and some others... Even Turk was there using halter when GM Ethan came to Caspen that day. Since not many people even use halter, I think it should be allowed, hahaha~

  7. Aaaa these headgears are so cute on meeee //being super vain//
    but really though xD so comfy~

    Musketeer Hat, Striped Scarf, and Poring Necklace.
    Courtesy of big bro Sven's Guild Leader of InevitableCopy (Lasagna ally).


    Mischievous duo... hehehe...

    Oh, my Dullahan pet, Barry the Chopper is now (finally) cordial! ^^ He so cute.

    OK bye.

    1. caramellmacchiato


      Next time if we meet im bringing you to some sightseeing on dRO maps, remind me! 

    2. onion
  8. So many nice events going on, I haven't the time to post it all here! xD

  9. Lyumiaaaa~ Hello it is me, Unemployed Unit, nicknamed by Apex as 'Un' for short.

    P/S: I hope your pupper is ok! :<

    1. Lyumia


      hello sissy :th_wow:  

      i'm trying my best but i think my best is not enough 

  10. Hi, Lyumia~ You're already using Warlock, right? OR should I say... WARP-lock xD The most abused AoE class, hahhahaahaha. Hunting Mission & Daily Quest very easy, any class can go. Even cute little Dorams can do this, hehehe. But if you want to kill without moving from your spot, Rebellion or classes with ranged attack is good enough for these two. I haven't done Scavenger yet because the rush is very stressful for me, hehehe... But for MVP mob, you follow big bro Dieter. Use Rune Knight. Royal Guard also OK (I have one). But I think any class, if fully-geared, is good to do all of the above. ^^
  11. Unemployed Unit's Headgear post~ As promised previously, the last two hats.

    My new Deviling Hat! I didn't kill the Deviling. This was given to me by big bro Sven. I like it. It fits my head and does not squish my ears.


    And then he let me play with his Wolf Hat. Look. It is funny on me, hehehheehehe.


    OK bye. Goodnight.

  12. Damn sonnnn, shortest Goblin Invasion ever! I just logged in and it's over. So hardcore! xD

    I didn't even get to see the announcement that indicates it was over, hahahaha

    P/S: and people who win shits here should celebrate a bit, don't be so robot! xD

  13. I haven't posted about new cute hats in a while. Here are SIX that I have recently obtained! //rummages Poring Backpack// Oof, starting to get too full with hats in here...

    I hope the images load right...


    Teddy Bear Hat looks cute, yes... This one big bro Dieter give me. Next: Model Training Hat is... a bit big for me... but I like it. Big bro Sven helped with the Book [3] (authentic from Creamy Fear, not store-bought). Third one is Angel Wing from Angeling -- my latest hat actually... I want a Halo as well, but they didn't drop it.



    Karada Meguricha Hat! This one I got from GAMBLIIIIINNNGGG xDDD The casino was so packed, I couldn't see my hat! Next: Romantic Gent from a summoned Vocal. And lastly... Dorothy Doll Hat... I think Lord Ichi gave me this.

    I have two more to show. I will show in next post tomorow.

    OK bye. Goodnight.

  14. DORAMS all in a row! We are from the Lasagna guild~

    MiyabINyaa, Unemployed Unit (me), iYaH16, and Lord Ichi.

    In my absense, Lord Ichi has been recruiting more fellow Dorams into the guild. I bet if we were all online and gathered, I swear it would be cuteness overload. xD

    Ah yes~ another Doram has been invited into the Lasagna guild. ^^ There was one more today, WangQeut; but I did not manage to get a pic with her. Caspen was a bit more packed than usual.


    OK bye.

  15. Hello. I recommend reading this book, "Chef King Orlean, vol. 1". There is no volume 2, sadly.


    I was sitting next to big sis Netpia in Prontera and was reading this book that big bro Sven has gotten for me. I asked him to get it from Cookie, so you can get it from Cookie too. Ask Cookie nicely. He will ignore you and refuse to give, so you will have to take by force. =_=

    (It's an actual fan fiction by an RO player. The RO devs love it so much that they put it in the game. And indeed, I really do like his writing style.)

    OK bye.

    P/S: I got lotsa headgears to show... :3