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  1. Hello and meow. Easter Raffle NPC in Caspen was gone yesterday; but HaZe said it was not intended, so he fixed it and it's back!

    So let's do this... I have only one ticket...


    And I won... nyaaaathing~ x'D
    Dreamer so extreme, either you win something or nothing at all. I would have appreciated a jellopy, at least, ha ha ha...

    OK, on with life. Bye.

    1. MagicianNC


      i was going to dm you that its back haha

    2. onion


      Aww thanks for the thought! I was like totally keeping tabs on the thread so that my ticket can be used, hahhahaa

  2. Hello and meow. Easter Event, yes. Due to my inactivity, I missed out a lot. Actually, I gave up on the first day after killing the first egg lol. I drop by in Caspen for only a few minutes, see who's on and then check my DQ, then off.

    Still, it was fated that today, I could meet my friends, NC and Sven during Dice. We spoke of the Easter Event and with NC, I managed to obtain Magic Easter Baskets! YASSS! Attacking eggs so fast that I generate enough heart to fry them and even plopped a raffle ticket into my basket! MORE YASSS, nyaahahahaa~ Got a Norman KS us though, but I won't say much on this since she apologised.

    Later on, for the first time, I stepped into the Easter Fields! Behold, I is the first Doram to walk the easter earth! xD NC gave me a crash course on the whole event (because I forgot everything already after giving up on first day) and I managed to get a few tokens. Unfortunately, Battlegrounds began at that time so I couldn't get more.

    I took this opportune moment to make meowmories. NC knew a good spot, so this makes a cool photo!

    NC, me, Sven.

    Sven even wanted to pose a bit, so ok no problem~ xD


    Afterwards, we headed to Caspen. So packed with BG going on. We were later joined by Latte and some others, and Latte also gave wise words, haha. And lots of Easter goods being paraded. If I a rich cat, I want the Sparkly Candy Coat, hewhewhew. It matches me perfectly (though I wonder how big it will be)!

    Sven, me, NC, and Latte.

    So... even though I am late to the party, I had fun hanging out. I may have only 36 tokens, but I managed to get a raffle ticket. I wish Apex was here, but well, maybe he livin up da weekends, haha.

    Either way, the time was brief but it was good. I sleepy now. So... bye!

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    2. AngelicaHale


      I'm a Photobomber there. Hahahaha

    3. MagicianNC


      i'm late to comment lol :'3 nice photos btw 

    4. onion


      You're late to the party! Hahaha it ok.
      Well, the place you suggested was perfect, hehe. 😉

  3. Hello and meow! If there is one thing about DreamerRO that I love is the Headgear Gambler! I managed to grab a 100m bag from Treasure Box/Chest/wtv and dropped by to visit the guy in Comodo.


    That is 'Freya's Spiritual Circlet'. Looks like any other circlet. At least, it does not bother my ears. Sadly, only 1 of 3 hats I can wear. Uuuuuu... :< The other two are: Evolved Majestic Goat and Lion Mask. One is for Swordman Merchant types and the other for 2nd classes only. We Summoners are only 1st class.

    To cheer me up, Latte gave me a Bell Ribbon. I was going to stash it in my hat wagon when I realised I already have one, but he lets me keep it anyway. Meow thanks you. :3 Also met some familiar faces like psjd and PitcherShots. Nyaaa I miss loafing in Caspen.

    Next time, I try again to get cute hat, hewhewhew~ OK bye!

    P/S: Sven, if you reading this, Pitcher misses you. >///<

    1. liyaperfidious





  4. Apex enjoys being in my headgear cart, hewhewhew. So snug in there. xD I told him he was sitting in it, but I guess he cool with that. See, I just came to do my DQ today; and meow name appeared in the Caspen announcement after I completed it. That be when I heard Apex calling out, "Where CATTTTT", heh. So we loafed about, joined Dice and lost, then loafed a tiny bit more.

    Apex snug in my headgear cart (but don't steal my hats, hiss!).
    Also in the picture: Nekogami (on my left); and behind me are Sky, Algum Br In, Latte.

    1. caramellmacchiato
    2. onion


      That secret Norman language again...

  5. Hello and meow. Decided to drop by briefly today, hewhewhew... A lucky encounter with meow buddy Apex! No NC though. NC, where you?? Dx There was also Sven (but he gone later). GM Cersei also came in and did Bomb Poring event.


    In the picture:
    Apex a bit on the right (the Ranger whose life bar you can see), Latte (cut off behind Apex), Gong (behind Barry but blocked), Knight Ares (with Poring Topper hat), -MadMax- (the black-themed dude on the llama) and there is uhm...  a clear shot of Turk. Hmm.>///> Turk is so not my focus, ehem. Nope, nope.

    Also, suddenly we can use boarding halter in Caspen! YASS! This thing is an on-off occurrence, but I vote for halters to be allowed in Caspen! xD

    1. ApexPredator


      Wuddaaaaaaaaaa Community!!!!!🤩😍

    2. caramellmacchiato


      My head is decapitated.

  6. Not to sound selfish, but lollll does anyone even remember that this is actually a (semi)GOODBYE post and it is about ME and why I am leaving...? When I posted this thread, I came in peace; but it seems that people have issues with the system. If so, please comment on relevant threads, NOT a post in the Hello & Goodbye like omg People can link to the post, but not vent out in here hahaha Let's not let this post reach 3 pages filled with contents that can confuse and/or go out of topic. Scrolling bar already so small hahahaha
  7. Hahahaha... okok... This is gonna be long. @sakazuki : Dude, that response you quoted... It was for GM Cersei, not you. I never did say she was entirely wrong. The first one was about Doram skills which I had to clarify was not available (because she said Doram has skill), the second part in my reply TO HER was about Rebellion skills which she was right about. Let me just quote Cersei: I'm OK with the balancing thingy and I understand it because I READ YOUR REPLY. Now, in HER reply, she is saying TO ME that Dorams have their skills, while I am saying TO HER that Dorams lack the ADVANCED SKILLS. Maybe I wasn't clear since Doram is so obscure that my words can be understood in many ways. By 'Advanced Skills', I am referring to the skills in skill tree (Alt+S) that appear once you reach Base Level 100. Skills like this: (hope the image loads) These skills do not exist, that is why I am pointing it out generally so that we can all learn something and improve. That's all. So OK... for your first point, I already thanked you for explaining the technical aspect to me. And I mean it when I thanked you. I really appreciate the explanation. Next, your fifth point: skill balancing... again. I know what it is and I acknowledge your entire reply with a React to show I read it and have nothing further to add to you... Like I said, I'm OK with balancing... but how to balance/add-on to something that does not even exist when we play as a Doram?? x'D These skills are not anywhere in the skill tree and THAT is the issue here. But if you want to use that term, then OK. I will wait for Doram skill to be 'balanced'. And as I have titled my Forum post here, I already AM playing in a server that can provide me with I want. A place that has all Doram skills AND overcomes the rest of the issues I pointed out in my original post. It is low-rate where I can't even get a card after killing a million mobs, but I will be patient. I know DRO lacks in official content, but SKILLS are important to a class, right?? I don't plan on leaving DRO (as you can see from the title of this forum post which says 'Semi-Goodbye') because I know these things take time to fix. I'll be waiting for when the server has the content that it should have. At least, have skills fixed. It has been years since the Doram made its appearance on the server and some vets already put forth issues that need fixing, but nope. This is an OLD issue that is NOT FIXED TILL TODAY. I play elsewhere because I can't be waiting forever... And another thing: my post was not written an angry or sulky way. I made the thread so that everyone is aware of issues. I leave DRO only for a while, and I am sad to do so because I have been here for years and recently made some friends. I am also hoping the server will improve for everyone and I do not hate DRO.
  8. I didn't want to do this, but I am starting to think that I need to re-clarify my points on Doram skill and class bias... so that we all know which point to improve on. In my original post, I said NOTHING about skill balancing. I speak of Doram missing skills. Skills that SHOULD be there but are NOT. My main class is Summoner (which I just call as Doram because people don't know what Summoner is). Therefore, my concern is Doram skills. I only mention Rebellion because I have a side character which is a Rebellion, but I never elaborated much on that because it is not my main concern. If anyone wants to talk Rebellion stuff, go to @liyaperfidious. Next, I speak of class bias. Again, NOT skill balancing. People here only pick a few types of classes because it seems 'better', though usually they just want easy wins; rarely because they love the class. And within that class bias is a build bias. I think if a person truly understands a class, it can be as good as any other class. This server and the people in it make it seem as though GX (for example) is the most desirable class when in fact, any class can be good. So, enough with this 'skill balancing' because I think y'all are missing my point. (Sorry if I offend any GX that chose to be GX because they genuinely love the class. I just had to use GX as example because that is trending now, lol.)
  9. Thanks. ^^ Oh, I write a lot because when people read something (if they do read), they like to jump to (inaccurate) conclusions and never ask for clarification. So I explain there what my reasons are, in plain simple words. Still, we see here some misinterpretations of my words. I don't know how else to say anything, lol. I'm actually fine with both pre-renewal and renewal. Somewhere along the way, something else just changed... and that is where the problem lies.
  10. Uhm... OK... but in reference to my original post, I am saying that the Dorams do not have their ADVANCED SKILLS (a total of 13 skills). Example of advanced skills: Soul Attack, Spirit of Savage, Grooming, Nyang Grass, etc. I am not concerned with skill balancing/nerfing/whatever people here call it, lol. And yes, Rebellions have their skill, YES. The problem is that the skills are not working properly. Not balancing problem, not missing skill. Just skill not working when it SHOULD/not working PROPERLY. Lol, as long as you read my original post it's fine by me. ^^ Yes, I DO realise that NOW which is why I am leaving a for a bit. We can't all instantly know what a server is about if we try it for only a week or two. Worse is that on RMS, they label their server as an RP server which is SO misleading. Eh? DRO has a story? Is it the Hero 'story'? But anyway yeah, I've found a server with the original contents that I need (esp. the Doram advanced skills), so I'm good for now. I know admins are busy and stuff, but at the very least, the skills that a Doram should have... are MISSING. Rebellions skills are BUGGY. They advertise it everywhere to try those classes, yet the classes (Doram & Rebels in particular) are not fully-functioning. I'm just a bit disappointed in that. Yeah, I guess the community might have been better back in 2015 because I was able to go about my days without getting dragged in to the things I avoid and the people I avoid. Now, I just mind my own business and actually get dragged in. Golly. (Hehehe yesss Picky Peck!)
  11. I still go online once in a while... and I'll always be lurking in Forum, hehehe.
  12. Thanks, man. Ahh... thank you for that info about server technicalities. Much appreciated and I can understand the situation better now. ^^ Oh, I was more talking about Doram skills not being there at all, but about the Rebellion skills... Some Rebellion skills don't work on specific map. It should work, but it doesn't. @liyaperfidious has been saying a lot about it, but nothing happens, so it can be demotivating. Maybe, but I still think people can change if we use the right methods and if everyone cooperates. I know skill balancing is a thing, but my main concern is the diversity of the classes. We can still be other classes, but the gameplay just favours a small few kinds of class (like GX) and they lean more towards a certain build. Example: Rebellion = they push you into being Revolver type. Kagerou/Oboro = they push you into being magic type. Yes, you can still be Rifle user or physical Ninja, but you will never get all the extra stuff that Revolver and Magic types get. This is the bias and lack of diversity that I am talking about. Anyway, I'm glad you understand. Yes, I hope things will get better too. Just with any problems, the more you leave it be, the harder it will be to fix. That's all I am worried about...
  13. Omggg I am so sorry if I ignored you! I usually screenshot as many Dorams as I can whenever I see them because they're so rare, but I really didn't have any pics of you. Must have totally not seen you, sorry! Dx --edit: Wait a minute. I've added you to my guild before. Hmm... still, I wonder what happened that day. Sorry again.
  14. Hi Feurille. Thanks for clearing that up. I mean yeah, the term 'renewal-ish' did confuse me. If that is the case then OK...I guess. Oh, so the 'new developer' HaZe mentioned last year is Sadie? Wew. o_O I too play for nostalgia, but not so much. I play Dreamer server for the high rates because if on low rate, it can be hard to solo through main arc quests (esp. if they recommend a party of more than 2). Mmm, yes I know nothing comes easy except money maybe, hahaha~ since there is that Caspen Treasure Box thingy (though you'd still need to get lucky to hit one with a bag in it)... But I don't want the money much. I want the adventure. The roaming about doing quests, if not hanging out with an NPC. I know DRO somewhat centralises on PVP but I thought they'd have the normal stuff as well for non-PVP play(quests, for example). "...consider every new player as someone who will not stay long, as most of them don't." -- hot quote for the day, hehehe. So far everyone here seems to acknowledge the fact that DRO community is toxic. With that in mind, how are we even supposed to retain new players? It makes me think twice on reviewing the server on RMS because I do not want to trap people into coming to a place like this. I guess since we have yet to cleanse the DRO community, better not even ask for new people to come in; unless they have nerves of steel and seems like potential cure for the community. Personally, I think we should stop voting and reviewing for a while just to avoid newbies from coming and going because people will talk. We need to fix ourselves first before re-promoting this place to the world. This whole server needs a makeover. x'D Eh? You have approached me as a Doram?? When? I usually don't ignore people since I don't AFK... unless I was in some serious discussion with my friends. What was your name? I must know!
  15. @liyaperfidious : What makes a server possible is if anyone plays on it. You know, like what are rock stars if without fans. So 'community' is a huge factor. But yeah, we probably can't say much on the rest because we can't change it... So talkin about community indicates that we really want to change it and it's obvious that we CAN change it. Maybe once everyone (or at least a majority) can generate good vibes, goodness will circulate. This is the warmer and slower approach, though. Trying to enforce laws upon the lawless usually backfires, but I believe if firmness and continuity is there, it'll work. We already have Support Players. Better yet, we even have 'Control/Police' in GM ranks. This is their time to shine, to use the power bestowed upon them! Or so we can hope.