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  1. Uhm... how to delete images from My Attachments? I want to post my new headgear.

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    2. onion


      I tried that, but it's still there because this text field autosaves the content. Even when I wait for it to 'save' my blank one, it still comes up the next day.

      I've tried clearing cookies and cache but nothing happens...

      Maybe I have to delete the whole post itself??

    3. bryan31


      i actually had the same issue however u dont need to use attachements to upload files. All u have to do is upload the image to a img website (ex imgurl) then copy and paste the images url on the forums and it automatic post the image.

    4. onion


      Yes, thanks for suggestion. I did use image URLs, but the site I'm using has issues nowadays. I'm really heavy to sign up for Imgur if I'm going to use it for this purpose only. 😅

      But hey, you just gave me an idea... I'll try out something, see if it works. Thanks again~ 😄