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  1. Hello. This post is about my first-time experience entering HHH Lite! Woohoo! Safe Mode, of course. Meow, that place is chaos and laggy.

    When it first came out, I thought only Heroes could enter; so I never bothered remembering what I read on the Forum post by Sadie. Still, I decided to try the next HHH. And so I did! The only one I can kill is Gretel, but another mob spawned right next to me and so I died. x'D

    No matter, I brought back something -- Heroic Coins! Look:


    Dorams can't be Heroes, so this is actually a very useless thing to me. x'D No value at all, might as well I turn them into earrings or something, hewhewhew... I guess I am supposed to be grateful that non-Heroes can join in the deathly game.


    The true reason why I decided to try HHH is not curiosity, though. So you cannot say 'curiosity killed the cat'. I was still surprised that I can go in HHH even though I not a Hero.

    Recently, a friend has been having issues with a certain PK KS-er. Being a DreamerRO Doram, I am helpless and could only watch them all gear up and preparing to hammer down justice onto that guy since his unruly behaviour is not against the HHH rules-- oh WAIT.

    It actually IS against the [dRO Player Etiquette] under the "In-Game Rules" no. 8. Anyway, since no one would bring justice, my friend (along with Sven) made a strong team and they went hunting for him. Lacking good gears and not having half my skill tree as a Doram, all I could do was wait in limbo and give two Doram buffs whenever I saw them.

    We burned the midnight oil. Wonderfully, they got him. Justice has been served by the hands of commoners. May the Leopard God bless my Norman friends...and smite that asshat. Hiss.

    1. Artemia


      So you cannot say 'curiosity killed the cat'.

      Tch. I thought of this when I saw the HHH post. Oppuntunity is dead. Huge bummer.

    2. liyaperfidious


      Like I always say, some of the rules they already have are good, but no enforcement.