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  1. MagpaAKamaN

    HHH update 2020

    how? it think it will be much more active, players "who has time" gonna farm them blank cards has an option to use or sell it to people "who has no time" and also those who think they dont need or they find blank cards has no use to them might join HHH since they gonna have profit to it. idk but im just askin if theres a possibility, idc if it will not be tradeable like war badge/heroic coin.
  2. MagpaAKamaN

    HHH update 2020

    is there a possibility that blank cards will be tradeable in the future? since not everyone has time to do HHH
  3. MagpaAKamaN

    HHH update 2020

    you guys talk like you were never been a newbie once before, sad i guess that this new HHH is no newbie-friendly anymore my only concern here is the tile bug that we are gettin when in safe mode and sad to know that the only solution to it is just by going PK mode. ^^
  4. MagpaAKamaN

    HHH update 2020

    nah i alrdy get it man. they just want us to force pvp thats why they implement the /ns thing in safe mode
  5. MagpaAKamaN

    HHH update 2020

    you ddnt even answer my question as to why should we use /ns just to attack them phantoms i guess you really intended to change it to that so we are forced to use PK mode(only solution). well if thats the case then im not hoping the tile bug is gonna be fixed soon in safe mode. imagine a newbie already having a hard time killing them mobs + gettin some random annoying tile bug
  6. MagpaAKamaN

    HHH update 2020

    lol so thats the solution to it? going pvp mode is much worse than the tile bug. cmon i know you can do better to fix things
  7. MagpaAKamaN

    HHH update 2020

    idk why but whats the reason behind as to why we need to use /ns just to hit them phantoms? the tile bug is annoying, please just let us click them as normal mobs like before
  8. MagpaAKamaN

    Buying and Selling

  9. MagpaAKamaN

    HHH update 2020

    hope that the blank card drop rate increase since them mobs are too stronk also sleipnir enchanter ^^
  10. what about +10Cris? it has 15%hit + pierce defense of human(does it work w/ MA?) and whats better? 1weapon + shield or 2weapon what weapon will you recommend for us that dont have equinox XD
  11. fPhreeoni for hit + atk? what do you think about daehyon card
  12. MagpaAKamaN

    Phantasmagoria General Info

    damn all this time i thought 45 is the balance def XD thanks for the info ^^
  13. MagpaAKamaN

    Buying and Selling

  14. MagpaAKamaN

    Buying and Selling

    RUSH SALE @warp gold_mart 107 139