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  1. Hi... I really need an Icicle Ring ... where and how do I get an Icicle Ring?
  2. Hi ... I need 100 Biotite ... where do I get it with Biotite drop?
  3. Hi, I'm having a problem with the Strawberry Cap. Not 100% of the deathmatch points in Caspen Dungeons. I was over 3000 points and when I was Exchange my DM points, I only got 907 points! Why did not I get 100% of the points I got? I worked hard to get the DM points. How can I get my points back?
  4. Hi ... I need an Emblem of the sun god to make my weapon rank B, but I can not. I killed Draconus several times but did not drop the Emblem of the sun god. Would Draconus who drops this item? Can it be marketed?