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  1. Lyumia

    New Player here

    @Hyacinth: ty for the welcome ^^< @iamhii: is that u or other player @Greencriss: i have been around but now ive been off for a while since the one im with always is not online i feel lonely nowadays and don't worry i will always smile no matter how sad or hard the day is
  2. Lyumia

    New Player here

    i haven't see you on these past few days :< miss you
  3. Thanks for all the suggestion ill be making: Warlock (My main) doram(already have 1) RK and GX omg >3< so many eq's needed hahaha
  4. Lyumiaaaa~ Hello it is me, Unemployed Unit, nicknamed by Apex as 'Un' for short.

    P/S: I hope your pupper is ok! :<

    1. Lyumia


      hello sissy :th_wow:  

      i'm trying my best but i think my best is not enough 

  5. Hello hi I am Sven / Dieter.

    Dieter says: Please don't listen to what Sven says, he is a very bad boy. You can tell me if he does something mean to you.

    1. Lyumia



      hahaha :th_heh:

  6. Hello i dont know if im in the right topic i wanna ask what job is good for doing HunterMission, ScavengerHunt, and Daily Mission? And for Mvp Hunting ?
  7. Lyumia

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    it doesn't work on me
  8. Lyumia

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    yes.... i tried using @request in game >3< and someone answered my longing question Ty i will aim on that elite
  9. Lyumia

    Alternate Sprites for 3rd Jobs

    i saw two players with the new sprites i wonder how they did it is there a quest for it? this file downloading and changing doesnt changed a thing T_________T i wnt the looks of the new sprites
  10. Lyumia

    New Player here

    Hello to all Hope to be friends to some of you I just started today ^_^ Learning my way through the game by forum guides Thanks