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    anime, mmos, rtg, graduate of college but not job yet.
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    Shadow Chaser
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    I do not remember this game.

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  1. rail1577


    Welcome, I haven't played much yet but this is a pretty nice place. PvP is okay but usually not my cup of tea, pve is fun.
  2. rail1577


    Welcome to the server.
  3. I do remember dex, and aspd is key, then I usually use a lot of magic, that good at this server? I have not made this or my Priest in a while.
  4. curious I deleted my priest a while ago, and I still not make him again can you see if I can make him again?  Sorry I do not know anyone here yet

    1. Lowhigh


      come find at comodo or caspen, i'm a rune knight named Lowhigh. pretty easy to find!

  5. rail1577

    Hello, again... Anyone remember?

    well thanks, waiting for someone to notice I want to remake Nye Symphony character, I deleted it, I used to use that name for my High Priest, not sure I ever like the 3rd class but it will be good I guess. I have made my Shadow Chaser, guess people do not like them, though I was better as them. I look forward to play with you. Can someone tell me how to make 100m Zeny bag?
  6. rail1577

    Hello, again... Anyone remember?

    Nice to meet another vet, lol I haven't played like 15 years, this server looked good, welcome.
  7. rail1577

    Personality Type

    https://www.16personalities.com/members-area/overview don't know why but someone deleted mine before.
  8. rail1577

    Nye's Special Signatures

    yes I made all of these when I had photoshopcs, I would need to find to download that, if its free. Add some sigs.
  9. rail1577

    Nye's Special Signatures

    not sure why I made this little better My favorite I ever made made this for someone
  10. rail1577

    Nice to meet you all

    I figured out to use 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 for skills. since I can not use my f key, guess need to do this once I am ready for new character. I am not really a geek so I doubt I will do that. question whats the size of the avatar and the signature plz let me know.
  11. rail1577

    Nice to meet you all

    Hello everyone I used to pretty good at the kind of game but seems, I can not get it to work correctly right now. Some what hard to get my skill bar to work. When I click my heal spell it turns the internet connected to it, it there a way I can bypass that put it somewhere else? Beside that I used to be pretty good at woe, I used to make my own signatures. Guess I will need a gm's help to use my skill bar. Can any one tell me the sizes of the sig and avatar? Haven't played a game like this since I was 13. I used to play low rates but eventually went to high rates. I hope I can play here.