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  1. Granny

    build for genetic in caspen dungeon

    auto sonic blow.
  2. <Fused Dracula Card> how much
  3. Granny

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    Nice Nice
  4. Granny

    Daily Quest Revamp

    NICE UPDATE.... +999999999 rare chest is ow question. you think the name change scroll can be abused?
  5. Granny


    up to this. have stock?
  6. Granny

    Sell or trade

    youselling exe armor right already sold?
  7. Granny

    RG Sacri Build HHH

    Note: This works for me. I can get 500-600 Heroic Coins too with this build. Pros: Doesn’t use much Ygg. 1on1 no KS, doesn’t required a lot of mouse clicking, 2 sacri on almost all mobs Cons: Mobs safety wall, Hello panacea, need fcp slave inside limbo TOP Creed Helm + Addax Card MID Felicity Wing + Addax Card Alternative: Azure Wing + Addax Card LOW Red Beats + Addax Card WEAPON Exodia + Fused Dracula Card, 3 Sniper Card ARMOR +8 Juggernaut Armor SHIELD Bronzite Buckler + Thara Frog Card +8 Libra Shield + Thara Frog Card GARMENT Rustic Mantle + Aliot Card SHOES Twilight Boots + Green Ferus Card ACCESSORIES Megingjard of Vitality, Specialist Glove + Gem Of Vitallity Things to remember: Once inside, use your buffs except defender(this skill will slow your movement speed) and just use sacri like theres no tomorrow. But remember you cannot sacri all the mobs inside. Mobs like Sorcerer Male and Wizard is a no no. whenever you see these 2 just ignore them unless they have like a little amount of hp. Whenever you see hoard of mobs with an AB with them, just let go!! Expect that all of the mobs already have an assumptio. This just waste your time and the AB has dispell too and not to mention it cast safety wall. Same goes to hoard of mobs with Sorcerer Male with them. The Sorcerer Male has dispell and soul burn, so just ignore and move on. For the Shield, I only switched to + 8 Libra if I am to kill Wanderer or if its nearby. I don’t want to be tossed all over the place so I switched. Just incase the Wanderer removed your FCP, this is what I do. I know my priorities. When there are hoard mobs with alchemist with them. Kill it first, then the wanderer. have your own FCP slave waiting in Limbo, NOTE: Open for suggestions. and please someone make this colorful lol. thank you
  8. Granny


  9. Granny


    where u at pm me
  10. Granny


    you on?
  11. Granny

    Surprise Rare Boxes and Chests

    So I suggest buying the cheap rares first at the donation mall. 90 Donation Tokens and lower. and choose between melee and magic. if you choose melee go all melee since most of these will be used as costume anyway). Now you can buy Rare Box (melee). Now there is no way you could get cheap (not really cheap) rare. Hope this helps LOL.. this will save you billions.
  12. Granny

    Surprise Rare Boxes and Chests

    look at those rares. you still have some rare missing? you sure?
  13. Granny

    Surprise Rare Boxes and Chests

    UP. 4 Items are unreadable
  14. Granny

    Rares Sprite Guide V2.0

    update this please. and i cant see the images. is it broken or sometin?