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  1. Granny

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 1]

    lol yeah. that man who always get it is so LIT as f
  2. wow thats good jhon... i might try rk nextime. can you do build from other class to.. for the sake of the many
  3. you got a hell lot of switching properties there jhon. hahahah can u state how many kills you can do per hhh ?
  4. Granny

    B>+10 Polarbear Cap

  5. Granny

    B>+10 Polarbear Cap

  6. Granny

    B>+10 Polarbear Cap

    owww ill save more but pass for now
  7. Granny

    B>+10 Polarbear Cap

    you sure isnt that a bit expnsive? Bump
  8. Granny

    B>+10 Polarbear Cap

    leave price here thank you