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  1. Granny

    Jell-O's B/S/T

    10b 20 div scroll can?
  2. Granny

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    The boss is FINAL hit right? not MOST hit?
  3. lowest price for +8 Bronzite buckler please
  4. Granny

    where to get this cap??

    its on ratation atm. available at donation mall
  5. we tried everything tho. doesnt have an update too
  6. OWWWW.the guide says You must wait 2 hours ONLINE in order for him to finish
  7. Try doing this try completing the whole hero quest first ( what i mean is warp to lighthalzen 40 240, the quest for the heaven flower ) once you are able to talk to reginleif, try going back to that npc.
  8. Do you have enough space in your inventory? the npc will give you like 4+ pcs of gears.
  9. Granny

    Donation Rotation 09/2018

    owww thank youu.. shanks cape. now ill just search via id. thank you very much
  10. Granny

    Donation Rotation 09/2018

    hello. up on this. im sorry for commenting on this but could someone atleast tell me names of the donations here so i can @ii it. i cant remember even 1 on this donates thank you
  11. Granny

    build for genetic in caspen dungeon

    auto sonic blow.
  12. <Fused Dracula Card> how much
  13. Granny

    2019 Balancing Patch #2

    Nice Nice
  14. Granny

    Daily Quest Revamp

    NICE UPDATE.... +999999999 rare chest is ow question. you think the name change scroll can be abused?