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    If you expect any help or advice upon this reaction, youre dead wrong buddy.
  3. Rrrrrrow

    Needing a guide RK Hero arena

    Its Dark Lord. I confused that one, sry. Also 10m XP Scrolls are available through Daily Quest. 3 are needed for a Scroll. This can be done pretty quickly combining it with the achievement system.
  4. Rrrrrrow

    Needing a guide RK Hero arena

    You use LOD card in boots as you do right now but you additionally use Dragonsbreath. It deals exquisite Dmg but scales with your HP. So you use DB and Meteor storm from boots then warp or @jump to another location of the map. The 2nd Option requires you the Vote from the DRo website. You need 30 Points to be able to buy a 10m Hero XP Scroll from the V4P npc. If you really time it well you can earn 12 V4P per day. You can impeove your DMG with MS with Kasa Card and Int Meggingjards or Gold Scaraba Cards which are easy to obtain. Try max int and vit for that build and have instant cast and 195 aspd (basic stuff)
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    B> +8 Libra

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    B> +8 Libra

  7. If you have some basic gears I think focussing first and improve effectiveness first is a good goal.
  8. I believe that gx can be more effective. You just have slight problems vs. The paladin mob. But if you have enough mobs and wind element endowed you can even devastate pala mobs. But it also involves a lot of element switching and a lot of expensive gear. Just like with other classes.
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    GX build for hhh

    Click the PvP Manager -> warp to PVP -> Hero Happy Hour (HHH)
  10. Rrrrrrow

    GX build for hhh

    Not at all, add away!
  11. Rrrrrrow

    GX build for hhh

    You could use Wakwak Card in your garment to significantly increase your ATK!
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    B> +8 Libra

    Pm me if youre interested
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    B> +8 Libra

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    B> +8 Libra

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    B> +8 Libra

    the bumps