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  1. noob111


    Eto yung greymap
  2. noob111

    Selling Hero Quest & Elite Hero Quest

    Thanks for selling
  3. noob111


    Nice guide !! i want to add if you use Recognized Spell you can 1 shot even the bug bear
  4. noob111

    B> Fused Angeling Card

    B> Fused Angeling Card - 15b
  5. noob111

    Buy & Sell

    how much for fused angeling card ?
  6. noob111

    Buying Things

    3 Pure elu 45b
  7. noob111

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    Haze changed the magic easter egg mob id same as normal easter eggs read it on phase 2 changes Just try to hunt the magic eggs it is not that hard Try this few things i leaned trying to find magical easter eggs -Use Grey Map it is easy to spot the eggs -if you see an easter egg just hit so you can see its HP so next time you go to a map if you seen an egg with HP bar it is most likely a normal easter egg -Zoom out your screen -use coordinated @jump at the 4 corners of the map
  8. noob111

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    It is easy to farm magic easter egg From my experience it spawns every 10mins meaning in 1 hour its spawns 6 magic eggs Use @ee to know what the maps are, copy the maps into a notepad then use @warp to each map use @mobsearch 3715 it will show you if there is a magic easter egg in the map do that to every map
  9. noob111


    BUYING Celine Kimi Card - 40b Entweihen Crothen - 5b Deceitful Kathryne - 5b