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  1. noob111

    GX build for hhh

    Oh ok. Thanks
  2. noob111

    GX build for hhh

    Why use Daehyon card ? Do damage % card like abysmal knight card not work ?
  3. noob111

    Daily Quest Revamp

    whether it's account bound or not they are the same, if you are using it for Grand Cross build the lifesteal works
  4. noob111

    Guillotine Cross Build For HHH/STP

    how many Heroic Coins / War Badge you can get in an hour with this build ?
  5. noob111


    Eto yung greymap
  6. noob111

    Selling Hero Quest & Elite Hero Quest

    Thanks for selling
  7. noob111


    Nice guide !! i want to add if you use Recognized Spell you can 1 shot even the bug bear
  8. noob111

    B> Fused Angeling Card

    B> Fused Angeling Card - 15b
  9. noob111

    Buy & Sell

    how much for fused angeling card ?
  10. noob111

    Buying Things

    3 Pure elu 45b
  11. noob111

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    Haze changed the magic easter egg mob id same as normal easter eggs read it on phase 2 changes Just try to hunt the magic eggs it is not that hard Try this few things i leaned trying to find magical easter eggs -Use Grey Map it is easy to spot the eggs -if you see an easter egg just hit so you can see its HP so next time you go to a map if you seen an egg with HP bar it is most likely a normal easter egg -Zoom out your screen -use coordinated @jump at the 4 corners of the map
  12. noob111

    Easter Event 2019 - [Phase 3]

    It is easy to farm magic easter egg From my experience it spawns every 10mins meaning in 1 hour its spawns 6 magic eggs Use @ee to know what the maps are, copy the maps into a notepad then use @warp to each map use @mobsearch 3715 it will show you if there is a magic easter egg in the map do that to every map
  13. noob111


    BUYING Celine Kimi Card - 40b Entweihen Crothen - 5b Deceitful Kathryne - 5b