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  1. Itsmesophie

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    are we getting phase 3 tomorrow? any update?
  2. Itsmesophie

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    please do ^^
  3. Itsmesophie

    Video Promotion/Trailer Contest!!

  4. Itsmesophie

    DreamRO Community rant

    i can name a few as well..and yes most of the bullies in this server are Pinoys and this Gon guy who loves to talk trash at bg all the time even if you're not doing anything wrong to him. lol but i stopped reporting bullies since no actions have been made to punished them. so yeah hope they get punished somehow someway
  5. Itsmesophie

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    so far the best stage that ive seen was stage 8 and the guy won 8k+ tokens..
  6. Itsmesophie

    Caspen dun tips

    Thank you
  7. Hi there Unemployed unit, I usually calls doram a kitty coz they look so cute well I've got nothing to say much since we never talk in the game..saw you few times hanging out with other dorams and now I know why they're gone. Really hoping I can bump into you and have a little chit chat enjoy where you're going to play -PrincessSophie PS I hope you don't get offended whenever I call you or the other dorams "kitty" . its my first seeing that job and I think its really cute .
  8. Itsmesophie

    Caspen dun tips

    Looking for tips on weapon to use, armor/ cards maybe ? Monster on casp dun deals 2k damage on me I'm using +8 valk armor with crazed Howard on it. I saw one player one time monsters are dealing only 1 damage on him and he was just standing there like they are nothing
  9. Itsmesophie

    Hi guys :)

    Haha yay thanks I have my loyal customer here
  10. Itsmesophie

    Hi guys :)

    Hi there..yah always hunting for Kiel since its card is so easy to sell
  11. Itsmesophie

    Hi guys :)

    Oh hello there Mr. Flaming hair
  12. Itsmesophie

    Hi guys :)

    Hi zpunk! Thanks..well can't play since I'm still at work , mind if I ask for your ign?
  13. Itsmesophie

    Hi guys :)

    Yeah I just made my forum account today lol, ign name PrincessSophie, I see some of you in caspen which I really like except for the cursing and trashtalkng of other players to each other lol..so yeah just say hi whenever you want. And yes I do understand Tagalog..I see some of you bad mouthing me in Tagalog not knowing I can understand you. But its all good..hoping for my gx to be strong too like others