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    Caspen dun tips

    Thank you
  2. Hi there Unemployed unit, I usually calls doram a kitty coz they look so cute well I've got nothing to say much since we never talk in the game..saw you few times hanging out with other dorams and now I know why they're gone. Really hoping I can bump into you and have a little chit chat enjoy where you're going to play -PrincessSophie PS I hope you don't get offended whenever I call you or the other dorams "kitty" . its my first seeing that job and I think its really cute .
  3. Itsmesophie

    Caspen dun tips

    Looking for tips on weapon to use, armor/ cards maybe ? Monster on casp dun deals 2k damage on me I'm using +8 valk armor with crazed Howard on it. I saw one player one time monsters are dealing only 1 damage on him and he was just standing there like they are nothing
  4. Itsmesophie

    Hi guys :)

    Haha yay thanks I have my loyal customer here
  5. Itsmesophie

    Hi guys :)

    Hi there..yah always hunting for Kiel since its card is so easy to sell
  6. Itsmesophie

    Hi guys :)

    Oh hello there Mr. Flaming hair
  7. Itsmesophie

    Hi guys :)

    Hi zpunk! Thanks..well can't play since I'm still at work , mind if I ask for your ign?
  8. Itsmesophie

    Hi guys :)

    Yeah I just made my forum account today lol, ign name PrincessSophie, I see some of you in caspen which I really like except for the cursing and trashtalkng of other players to each other lol..so yeah just say hi whenever you want. And yes I do understand Tagalog..I see some of you bad mouthing me in Tagalog not knowing I can understand you. But its all good..hoping for my gx to be strong too like others