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  1. Alahia

    Holi (?)

    Bienvenida!!!!! Cualquier duda ya sabes como me llamo.
  2. Alahia

    Aura Stylist NPC

    I call this BloodyMarry
  3. Alahia

    Aura Stylist NPC

    Base: 80 Aura: 109 Floater: 14 This is one of my favorites ^-^
  4. Alahia

    Mini summer forum event

    My perfect Summer .... After all work I decided to take my vacation like everyone else. I decided to get into my bed and see SuperNatural. That strong and that nothing scares me. . . Well it turns out that I ended up throwing Salt around the whole house and doing exactly everything to ward off the evils T_T from the fright no more. Then I discovered that the noise was my CAT .. so I passed a sleeve of water. At the end I called my friend and invited her to a very nice Mormon sanctuary relaxing to forget everything and relax. By the way I told her if she wanted to be baptized because of issues that I still had some XDtrauma. And it amazes me so much that I didn't just baptize her, but I also taught her how to float at the same time... and just when I finished baptizing her ... It turns out that she was there as she stiff but floating ... Until I showed her a Pizza and she didn't answer so .... I went to the other corner for questions of "And if he does not get up and she X_X?" At least she was baptized XD. Well then I left her there "Floating" and I went swimming on the other side. Final .. I learned that I can Baptize and teach how to float at the same time ... From there I decided to stay in that trade ... Anyone want to baptize them? Buahahahaha