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  1. New SP's have been selected !! check the "Official SP Team" to view them ^^ Best of luck ❤️

    1. eraexo


      congrats to those who have chosen. how many new sp do we have?

    2. GM Arceus

      GM Arceus

      5 new ones !

  2.  I will announce the new SP's on the 19th (Tomorrow) ❤️!!

  3. Tomorrow is the last day to apply for an SP position !!! Please make use of your time to apply if you are interested ❤️

    1. Feurille


      If SP means SUPER PROFESSIONALwageincrease then hell yes I'm in it. #wagesalaryincreasepls #its2020governmentplsdosomething #phgovplsincreaseoursalary #wemedtechsareprofessional

    2. Artemia


      you seem drunk the few times you are online

  4. SP Hiring Season has begun!!!! You have at least 1 week to apply! Go for it ❤️❤️ Check under General Discussion-> SP HIRING APPLICATIONS to view the questions!!

  5. GM Arceus

    Official SP Staff

    Hello . I feel that our dreamers should know who our Support Players (whether it's in-game/forums) are that help us with helping the server !! No particular order, here are our SP's currently : (In-Game) (In-Game/Forums) (Forums) TsuChiE Kosukke Artemia Calysta. .Amy. Sniffup Rad Allen Aaron IVokon PanFlippingCake Alahia Latte. Jean Horakthy Anabolic. theoS Naomi PattyAnn Seamless Jack duddle Himoutoumaru Many thanks and for our SP's! Note: Any addition or subtraction will be updated by ~ GM Arceus ~!
  6. GM Arceus

    SP Hiring Applications!

    Hello ^^ , Here's the questionnaire to fill out if any dreamers are interested in becoming a support player whether it's in-game or on forums ^^ In order to apply, kindly look for "Application Submission" -> "Start A New Topic" (No one can view your response except the staff ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Answer these questions and if you have anything you want to add, feel free to do so ^^ : What is your main character's name? * Preferred contact method: (skype name) * For how long have you been playing DreamerRO? * What do you usually do when you are online? * Where you are from? * What language(s) do you speak? * What is your timezone? * What's your name on forum? * How many hours a week do you play DreamerRO? * What do you do aside from playing DreamerRO? Have you ever been banned from DREAMER-RO? Why? * Do you have any skills for RO Development? (Spriting, Scripting, Arts, Banners) * Why do you want to become a DRO Helper or DRO Police? (Say exactly what you want to apply for) * Do you find our rules harsh? Why? If no tell me something about it.* If you catch your friend breaking the rules, what would you do? * If you could host 1 event, describe what that event would be? * If you could change one thing about DreamerRO, what would it be? Why should we trust you with this position? * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DO NOT REPLY ON THIS TOPIC! Hiring season has ended, thank you for all that have applied!! I will announce when the next hiring season will begin!
  7. GM Arceus

    Official GM Staff

    Hello ~ Once again I feel as if the entire GM Team has been outdated and should be clear for all to know who the actual GM's are as of now. The Rankings are as follows ^^ ~ : Lv. 99 (Admin) [GM] Haze Lv. 80 (Head Developer) [GM] Sadie Lv. 60 (Head Game Master) [GM] Arceus Lv. 40 (Game Masters) [GM] Shimizu [GM] Chronos [GM] Olyvia [GM] Cersei [GM] Snow Lv. 20 (Support Game Masters) [GM] Miyuki [GM] Nisha [GM] Light Note: Any changes that occur within the ~ GM Team ~ will be updated ASAP!

  9. GM Arceus

    Hello... again?

    Hello Syn, its good to see you... again! ^^
  10. I just want to spend some time by giving my very utmost condolences and prayers to one of our own kind-hearted dRO player (also Support Player) Delly ❤️ . As I've heard he was diagnosed with gastritis, in other words, severe stomach problems.... 😞 😪.. To those that were close to him, I can only imagine the pain you must feel and for his family entirely. Prayers and hopes that he is in a better place ❤️❤️ ~


    ❤️ Sincerely.. Arceus ~

    1. xrewronous


      get well soonn brrrrrr

  11. GM Arceus

    I got banned?

    As GM Cersei stated, please use the Ban appeal section to receive further details of your ban ^^
  12. GM Arceus


    Which Guild? !^^ Everyone has their inactive days !! Scintilla is a specific Guild made for new players as well (idk if that's the guild you were talking about) !! Maybe we'll see you around !!~