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  1. I just want to spend some time by giving my very utmost condolences and prayers to one of our own kind-hearted dRO player (also Support Player) Delly ❤️ . As I've heard he was diagnosed with gastritis, in other words, severe stomach problems.... 😞 😪.. To those that were close to him, I can only imagine the pain you must feel and for his family entirely. Prayers and hopes that he is in a better place ❤️❤️ ~


    ❤️ Sincerely.. Arceus ~

    1. xrewronous


      get well soonn brrrrrr

  2. GM Arceus

    I got banned?

    As GM Cersei stated, please use the Ban appeal section to receive further details of your ban ^^
  3. GM Arceus

    GM's Team Update

    Hello ~ Once again I feel as if the entire GM Team has been outdated and should be clear for all to know who the actual GM's are as of now. The Rankings are as follows ^^ ~ : Lv. 99 (Admin) [GM] Haze Lv. 80 (Head Developer) [GM] Sadie Lv. 60 (Head Game Master) [GM] Arceus Lv. 40 (Game Masters) [GM] Shimizu [GM] Chronos [GM] Veigas [GM] Olyvia [GM] Ethan [GM] Cersei Lv. 20 (Support Game Masters) [GM] Snow Note: Any changes that occur within the ~ GM Team ~ will be updated ASAP!
  4. GM Arceus


    Which Guild? !^^ Everyone has their inactive days !! Scintilla is a specific Guild made for new players as well (idk if that's the guild you were talking about) !! Maybe we'll see you around !!~
  5. GM Arceus

    GM's Team Update

    Hello !! I'm actually GM Arceus (instead of Oromis) but feel free to view my profile to learn more about me !! Thank you all for listening ! See you around in-game ^^