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  1. I would just like to announce that the SP Hiring season HAS BEGUN! You can find instructions under the pinned thread "Official SP Staff" in the "General Discussion" section to receive instructions on how to apply!!! SO get goin ~ and goodluck ❤️ ! Happy Thanksgiving ❤️ ~!!

    1. Jack


      i Hope theres Cute guy,i mean Girl gonna apply for new SP position

    2. P e e j a y

      P e e j a y

      Hope it is not Bias and always on the mid of every situation. Even if its their friend or enemy. Cause some how I can control my tempo since someone of your stuff has a personal problem w/ me in game. You can fell it the way he act . Idk to others but for me, its obvious. Hope its kind and have good character to be a role model 😉

    3. GM Arceus

      GM Arceus

      Feel free to open a report on the "Report" section for all GM's to take a look ❤️ ~ instead of arbitrarily gaslighting!