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  1. troy101

    Lite Graphics Plugin (@LGP)

    sir does triangle aoe skill can be change into a O circle? like OOOOO OOOOO OOOOO something like that?
  2. I love debates and i hate crab mentality and abusers.

  3. troy101

    1vs1 PvP Tournament 7/27/2019

    New players will not join hahahha im guessing those rich kids demons amatsu will win this hahahaha good luck guys happy pvping
  4. troy101

    1vs1 PvP Tournament 7/27/2019

    You know what i think unequips all equipments then fight to death in arena hahahahhaha would be fun more will join i guesss its about luck who wins
  5. troy101


    I hate how demons and amatsu play and TT coz back in a day were we fought technicolor,nx,nofear and those guild before theyre good sports and never TT instead we can roam each others base and befriend them but thrice that i go to ur base @go 10 and 18 i got logging out on my screen u wont believe but yeah ur base is auto logging out spot whenever i go there xD no lies i still have ss but im afraid not to post it. U guys have higher influence than mine but i think of it as it was like a bug or something so thats it just improve the police staff for this. Not just standing there and seeing it at it was nothing
  6. troy101


    U talk too much when we are the only one who lift up this server now were gone are u happy now? No pvp no woe u guys happy? Invite gvg since theyre told to go into our server coz the truth is this server losing the fun in it no woe no pvp its good that gvg is playing woe only just to say that woe on our server still active. Hellas been hated coz u guys spreading rumors that we did that or those we have no voice actually u guys have gm friends hella dont even do u wrong instead we gave the fun to u dont u talk about that this is a game coz cyberbully applies too and it can happen ingames too.
  7. troy101


    I think u guys are doing that going our base 2-3 persons i have ss of it too that party name never mention a name of it while u guys even shouted our names on broadcast we never did it actually turns out we or someone else come to ur base coz u guys started it first
  8. troy101


    ur always around whenever @request been used. so i think ur the man sir.
  9. troy101


    gm should attain someone to dealt this kind of issue a police that act to punish cruelty and racism bully since latte is always dealing with in game support with newbies and answering all concerns in game and even in forum can we let him handle this kind of issue.
  10. troy101


    i may have one. /gg
  11. this is already dealt with haze not doing it so be happy coz you can play war alone in woe for rest of the days. good luck to those guys and castle reward in it.
  12. yes you can check mine sir. please do if this guy will be happy
  13. troy101

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    absolutelty right.
  14. troy101

    Oboro, Kagerou and Rebellion Skills

    Its a pvp related discussion as well thats why it leads to disbling the class since its not on par with 2nd jobs skill but the 3rd clas vs this class is befit with it But facing a class like this that can bypass even 3rd job is unbalanced