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  1. Morning/Afternoon/Evening Dreamer's!~ In this topic, I will be asking you, (Yes you!) the community of the beautiful world of DreamerRO, to give some feedback/suggestions for new GM to player events that we could host when we are active. Given that routine events are always active every hour on the hour, however I have been noticing a slow decline in participation in these events. Good morale and overall enjoyment for the player is what GM and most of you look for in a RPG world such as DreamerRO. Constant changes, new events, new gear to grind for is always a must. In those down times where we have just completed the next PvP/PvM or are waiting for an instance CD, we as dreamer's have a tendency to go AFK or log out until their instances are ready. In those down times, I would like to see some change. Reply down below your thoughts of an event that you've seen before, or if you have an idea or dream that you would like to see come to reality. The top voted ones will be weighed by the staff team and we will decide to implement said idea. I look forward to seeing/reading the new ideas!
  2. GM Squigly

    Events and Q&A's

    Hello Dreamers~ As you all know; whenever I login to see the community, i love to host events for you all and give players the chance to partake in events to win some generous prizes. For all the players that have participated in my events, thank you for supporting my efforts as a GM and an ever bigger thank you to the participants for showing some generous and spirited behavior during the festivities. I look forward to aiding and seeing more of you in the long road ahead for DreamerRO! Now the Q&A side of this topic~ As most have seen who stick around in Caspen city after my events, you know i like to do Q&A's (Question and Answer's) with you all to get more of an insight on the state of DreamerRO's community and take suggestions from you all. If you didn't know i do this, please make your way down after my events to ask some questions to me or other's who are experienced in issues or concerns you may be having with Dreamer. Also, you don't have to come with a question! You can just come hangout, express concerns, bring up suggestions that were not so direct in forums, or you can simply say hi to more senior players and perhaps make new allies/friends! The sessions in between, or after my events are a good way to get some insight for the state of Dreamer, share builds, or get some debates going over concerns. Thank you all for supporting me as a new GM with positive feedback, and again; an even bigger thank you for supporting DreamerRO! See you all soon! *Hugs and kisses*