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  1. hadi1991

    [ UPDATED ] Collection Job Guide Link

    I hope Allen can update which guide already obselete because alot of change happen..the guide may only lead to disappointment because the effect of item already changed..or got better item nowday.. It help alot newbie to skip time and reduce the confusion.. Anyway thanks alot for manage the guidance..
  2. hadi1991

    Honorable Guild

    Thanks you for this brilliant idea to help newbie and have access to the castle treasure box. Thanks alot Sadie for helping newbie to catching up the vet to reduce the gap between them in term of equipment,wealth and so on. Something like this we re really need to make DRO a place of pvp's heaven.
  3. hadi1991

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    Maybe you seeing its no relate, but its actually does. We should be calm, in the right time admin will do their job and most important he should be grateful because manage to take all castle easily without any war. Its just some individual go to sucide to castle owner. Like what eve said, there is no proper guild except single guild available for WOE, thats why i said, This revamp maybe just make free loots to the guild. And i just think for the future. Its good for DRO WOE to stay like this, for me its no meaning to win a game without challenge, all loots from castle will be futile as no more credible challenger to compete again the winner guild. Hope you get my point.
  4. hadi1991

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    Oh wow, im just agree with jicco idea to close WOE and if u notice im clearly just trolling him bcause hes so mad about castle drop, it is he really want admin to close WOE? He will be happy with that? Or he just said something to release his mad? I just wanna see his response if he really want WOE to be close. I dont know that my word to troll him will make you guys butthurt
  5. hadi1991

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    Im also feel weird why you re mentioning Hella at here, mayb there is no more competitor for your guys except Hella? Hella is in really weak situation for now, they need alot help from newbie player and some old player to fight you guys in HA and so on. They cant stand alone for sure, even latte/artemia which is SP helping Hella, i dun know why hes do that? He must be know some guys from Hella is really weird,stubborn, stupid like what you said, but why he still help them? Mayb he just want to make DRO more competitive and challenging for everyone. But that not mean he agreed with some bad players from Hella and you guys should stop judging everyone that fighting u guys is from Hella. This not two side group of players, everyone have their style and they can be neutral, join Hella or do what ever they want. Im just hoping stop this nonsense, two side of group clash and the big one bully smaller which is labelled as bad,trashtalk,stubborn and thats why should be punish. We're more bigger than only 2 group to be trashtalker to each other. Im believe there is still some of hidden strong guild of player that can make something different in DRO WOE. Im also hope Hella guild vanish together with their bad players, we should realize and the era is almost change, Hella will be gone by the time and mayb rising of new strong guild..perhaps
  6. hadi1991

    WoE Castle Rotation & Treasure Update

    Well, i dont hate vet..i just hope DRO WOE more challenging than now, its fun for you guys to keep winning in a bored way like that? Lol we even can sleep in WOE because no one is dare to fight most of best player in same merging guild.
  7. hadi1991

    Changelog ...

    Thank you so much sadie..please this is very hard...hope your mercy to adjust them back like bfore..thank you
  8. hadi1991

    Changelog ...

    Oh my god...what happen to HHH...its bcause of this discussion? its imposible for now to kill Hera..please dont make she has creep...her alone already alot trouble to deal with..Echidna has coma if attacked by GC? Then how to kill her...Echidna and Hera already hard bfore this update...
  9. hi why i cant see full post on forum

    1. hadi1991


      what post u want to see?


  10. hi why i cant see full post on forunm

  11. hadi1991

    Just a newbie passing by the forums

    Im quite bz with my real life commitment..im always online when event HHH open only, Pardone me for my mistake, its not press your luck..its wheel of fortune...u need to pick wand...and just wear armor or headgear..its ur luck to get +5 or +3 or -3 or -5 on ur eq..only for headgear and armor..so ur eq must be +4 to get this free luck refining goes beyond +8..and make sure to wear armor/headgear which is expensive and give bonus effect at +8 and above..such as juggernaut and magnetite body armor.. Goodluck!
  12. hadi1991

    Just a newbie passing by the forums

    I will give you some tips to be lazy but can earn alot of zeny in just 1-2 hours a day. First u need to learn, this server is not 3rd job frenly, its more to 2nd job frenly for now(i dun know how longer since elite weapon bonus damage only for sec job skill, mayb they will change to 3rd job by the time). So i will advice u to choose job which is has highest damage for sec job, such as royal guard,rune knight,Guillotine cross, or warlock. For me, royal guard and GX is easiest job to make build which is has high damage but low cost Second, use one of this job to grind in the HERO HAPPY HOUR(two time everyday), everytime u kill monster u will get 1 heroic coin 10 heroic coin = 100m With decent build, u can get around 400-500 heroic coin for 1 round.2 round mean 800-1000 heroic coin 1000 Heroic coin = 10billion zeny in a day! U can saerch HERO HAPPY HOUR(HHH) build in this forum for each job above This is just 1 of the way to earn alot zeny by the short time Oh, i will tell u one more easy way to earn alot zeny, dun forget to learn how to use npc : wheel of fortune, u can make +8 forge armor which u can sell for around 100b if u re lucky. Learn it from somebody or in ths forum Goodluck!