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  1. Danveloso17

    alchemist farm suggestion

    good evening guys! balak ko gumawa ng bagong character (alchemist). pangfarm lang baka naman may suggestion kayo sa stat at item builds. hehe tnx
  2. Danveloso17

    Alcehmist farm

    i'm planning to create a new character (alchemist) mainly to farm. any idea on how to build stats and item? tnx and godbless
  3. Danveloso17

    Hero Quest Guide

    oh shit! i didn't know it can equip shield. i thought katar is already 2 hands XD. good thing i have spared valk shields in my storage. tnx for the screenshot tho <3
  4. Danveloso17

    newbie question

    i've been playing this for 1 week. my job is ranger and i've always read here in forum to get green beat headgear for my double strafe but i don't see green beat in V4P shop. is it already remove in the game? if it is what are your suggestions? my goal is not PVP but to farm for a while. tnx.