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  1. Dankage420

    Best Prices

    Hello, Have varying quantities of items below at better than current vend prices. Feel free to message me in game @NastyNate or if I'm not on drop a reply here and I'll get to you ASAP. Minerals: Adamite Blood Stone Aluminium Silicon Silver Magnetite Calcite Albite Corundum Graphite Titanium Mercury Copper Bronzite Onyx Enriched Elunium Enriched Oridecon P Oridecon Fragments Quest Items: Gold Ores Charms Blade Lost in Darkness Gold Randoms: +7 Meteor Plate Armors Eddga Card Baphomet Jr. Card Maya Doll Helmet Hanging Skulls Thanks for looking
  2. Dankage420


    When are you getting on?
  3. Dankage420


    In game name?
  4. Dankage420


    Any interest in p ori fragments? Have 4
  5. Dankage420


    Only have 3 pieces of magnetite but will sell if interested.
  6. Dankage420

    Need Help with Some Item Effects

    Hello, Rather new to the forum and I did start by searching some key words but didn't find anything so decided to start a post. If this is the wrong area to put this please feel free to redirect me and I'll move the topic. I'm Trying to build my character and trying to find the different options for achieving a handful of different effects and needed some help on the different items to get those effects. Anti-Knockback: I know I can get this effect from Ignis Cap and Owl Duke Hat but what other items can I get this from and what is the most efficient way for a RK Permanent Endure: Fused Eddga card and White Bubbles Aura I believe give this. What are the other options. I was hesitant on the white bubbles aura as the lower mask seems like a pretty vital gear spot and pretty much every guide I've read doesn't place the fused Eddga card in the footgear slot. Immunity to Freeze and Silence: I know the blue bubbles aura takes care of this but it conflicts with the white bubbles aura. I was leaning towards the blue bubbles aura but that also conflicts with the elegant pipe which seems to be a useful lower slot item. Input welcome. Immunity to Stun: Is this an effect worth chasing? I know 2 gemini cards get you to 60% but is the other 40% worth chasing? Immunity to Curse: Can this be achieved in conjunction with the others? Thanks for the help.
  7. Dankage420

    Rune Knight Guide - 2k18

    Thank you both very much for the help.
  8. Dankage420

    Rune Knight Guide - 2k18

    Thanks for the help but maybe I'm looking at the wrong item. That gives no bonus to the swordsman class and only boosts movement speed. It seemed like the intent was to get silence immunity and freeze resist. What am I missing?
  9. Dankage420

    Rune Knight Guide - 2k18

    Can someone please help me out. What are Black Beatphones? I can't find that item listed anywhere. Is it called something else? Where do you get it?