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  1. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    okeey!, Ill keep with tryings, I guess it's just bad luck, I just want to comment it here instead of complaining on game ahahha, thanks haze.
  2. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    still happening the same to me, and other. Butttttt, if I say something, I'm crying and making drama, soooo ahahaha maybe we're just reaaally bad luck :c
  3. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    ok! so Ill try to forge again, thx xilleria P.D: Im famous in your pic ahaha
  4. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    Hope it's that bro, thx I'm not complaining but just want to check if it's bugged or something =D
  5. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    ok, drama? all ppl including SP have told if there's a problem, report in here, so I'm Doing it, if you don't have an answer or a solution, plz shhhh, I haven't make any drama or something, it's strange for me and I have to ask. thanks for nothing
  6. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    Hello, I forge everyday, and since the loading bar of forge was removed... I'm not liying 14 forges failed, I know forge is something that depends on luck, but come on, 14 fails is not something normal. No success for at least 3 days. I've lost a lot of materials cause of this. If it wasn't something strange I would't saya thing about it. P.D: other forgers have said the same problem.
  7. kojiroh1


    I buy hero quest too, Ill leave a merch in go 0 (Roxas XIII)
  8. kojiroh1

    how hard is it to speak ENGLISH here

    I speak Spanish as native language, but usually use English during conversations, but with my spanish mates who don't speak any english I only use Spanish, and I don't care if you have a problem with that!!! ahahaa, I try everyday to learn new pinoy words and other languages, LIKE PANGEEET or BAHO! ahahaha
  9. kojiroh1


    sorry for the late! ahahaha, I tried with dark lord too, but not Good, and ask lot of other things, thx for the comment
  10. kojiroh1


    thank you very much ! Good to see that !
  11. kojiroh1


    thx Cersei, Hope it's useful to ppl !
  12. Hello and Welcome ¡ My name is Juan (Squall Leonhart88, Vivi Ornitier 88, Yitan Tribal 88 or any char with the “88” ending. I made this guide because ppl (newbie and some kind of experienced guys) ask me about the issue of farming in Monster Arena, to lvl up their hero exp. I made it in spanish, but greatly, some people already saw it and asked me to do it in English (so if you speak spanish, look for it <3) As the title says, it’s a guide mainly for newbie since I’m kinda newbie too, but I really like and enjoy helping new people and haven’t seen much information about this topic. Any comment or suggestion from more experienced players Will be very appreciated , as long as it’s made with respect YOU CAN APPLY THIS GUIDE TO ANY JOB, ONLY ADAPTING THE WEAPON AND WITH A REALLY EASY TO GET GEAR. First of all, the gear is not much important, cause this build is based on the auto cast of METEOR STORM, soo the important thing and VERY IMPORTANT is the CARDS you carry and the STATS you use. Some people use different stats or gear, which is also great but I made this build using the few resources I had in and taking ideas from a lot of people who taught me (CREDITS TO DAVID = RONIN <3), so… LET´S START! UPPER: any hat with int: GOTHIC DRESS HAT (4 DQ), or you can use SNAKE SKIN CAPE (EVIL SNAKE LORD’S DROP, or even players discard it), or as I said before, any hat with slot. CARD: Any headgear card with int as EVIL SNAKE LORD CARD. MIDDLE: Any +STATS wings: Bloody Angel wings (8 DQ), GREEN FAIRY WINGS (30 VOTE) or any slotted wings. CARD: MARDUK CARD, for avoid silence ( if you get silenced you won’t cast MS). LOWER: ANY MOVEMENT SPEED OR INT LOWER: SAGE RING (QUESTABLE ON MOOSE) CARD: ORC HERO, to avoid stun. ARMOR: ANY SLOTTED ARMOR OR BRYNHILD (30 VOTE) CARD: RSX IF YOU USE BRYNHILD, RSX IS NOT NECESSARY AND BRYNHILD IS NON SLOTTED. SHIELD: VALKYRIE SHIELD OR ANY SLOTTED SHIELD ( STRONG SHIELD IF YOU DON’T HAVE RSX FOR ANTI KNOCK BACK) CARD: THARA FROG, GOLDEN THIEF BUG O MAYA (I USE MAYA BECAUSE OF JUPITEL THUNDER) BOOTS: SLEIPNIR OF THE GODS (45 VOTE) Or any slotted boots. CARD: DARK LORD (YOU CAN KILL THEM ON MVP WARPER ANYTIME YOU WANT, OR YOU CAN ASK TO PLAYERS) GARMENT:ANY SLOTTED GARMENT. CARD: SALAMANDER ACCESORIES: ANY SLOTTED ACCESORY, PREFERENCE: ORLEANS GLOVE ID:2701 BOW GUARDIAN THOR 3 CARD: SCARABA (dic_dun02 or 03) WEAPON:ANY 4 SLOTS WEAPON. CARDS: 4 RED FERUS. Here is the important thing, there’s a lot of oppinions on how to organize stats. This is what I normally use and IT WORKS GREAT FOR ME: str: 250 agi: 1 Vit: 400 Int: 500 Dex: 100 Luk: 250 Now the explanation of WHY I USE THESE STATS: As this build is based on AUTO CAST OF METEOR STORM, which is MAGIC, you need 500 int for more damage. Luk, cause the damage goes up, LUK increases our MATK. STR CAUSE WE NEED TO INCREASE OUR WEIGHT LIMIT FOR CARRYING ITEMS. DEX, cause I just wanted ahahaha, if you want you can use these points in something else. HERE THE EXPLANATION OF HOW TO FARM, AT LEAST HOW I FARM: CARRY AT LEAST 100 BERRYS AND 50 PANACEAS (RE FILL AS SOON AS THEY’RE RUNNING OUT) Just go walking by the Monster Arena while mobs are hitting you, there you Will auto cast METEOR STORM and the map Will be clean in nothing and withouth any effort, YOU MUST ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR HP AND POISON USING BERRYS AND PANACEAS. IN C&B RANK THERE WILL BE VALKYS, WHICH ARE INMUNE TO MAGIC AND OBVIOUSLY THEY WILL STILL ALIVE, WHEN THE OTHER MOBS DIE JUST USE @jump FOR GOING TO ANOTHER PLACE OF THE MAP AND KEEP FARMING (USE SHORTCUTS FOR @jump USING CTRL+M, ASSING TO A EASY ONE) IF YOU USE STRONG SHIELD YOU CAN TAKE RSX OFF AND USE TAO GUNKA FOR MORE HP, BUT THAT’S UP TO YOU! HERE IS THE END OF THIS GUIDE AS I SAID AT THE BEGINNING, I’M KINDA NEW IN THIS SERVER BUT I HAVE LEARNT A LOT OF THINGS AND I LOVE NEWBIES HAVE OPPORTUNITY TO FARM WITHOUTH EXPENSIVE GEARS, THIS IS MY FIRST GUIDE AND MUST HAVE A LOT OF MISTAKES OR THINGS THAT EXPERIENCED PLAYERS DONT SHARE, IF THERE IS ANY SUGGEST, COMMENT FOR MODIFY OR EXPLAIN, THE GUIDE ONLY WAS MADE WITH THE INTENTION OF HELPING NEW PLAYERS AND DIDN’T FIND ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THIS. ANY QUESTION OR IF YOU ARE LATIN AND WANT TO JOIN A LATIN GUILD ASK FOR “JUAN” OR “88” , ANY OF THE NICKS I PUT AT THE BEGINNING, OR ANY OF THE NICE PEOPLE FROM "MINORITY", THE LATIN GUILD WHERE EVERYBODY HELPS EACH OTHER GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FARMING AND HOPE THIS GUIDE COULD HELP AT LEAST ONE PERSON..
  13. ajajaja de nada, y gracias por el "cariño" ajajaja
  14. las únicas cartas mvp que necesitas son : dark lord (que se puede sacar en mvp hunter gratis, o te la pueden regalar) y la RSX (a muchos jugadores le sobran, o lo puedes matar en ein_dun02. en el caso que no lo puedas matar o no te de la card, solo usa Byrnhild, es el mismo efecto. Las demás cartas son todas normales y muy fáciles de conseguir. Gracias por el comentario Sorlin <3.
  15. ajajaja gracias <3, ahora voy a hacer la guía de como ganar el ítem semanal, alto HACK !!! ajajaja