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  1. in the mvp event I did the same thatn Azriel, Dropped my cooper rosary with fortuna card... when I realized, I tried to laugh and not get angry ahahaha life sucks
  2. kojiroh1

    Its becoming frustrating

    I think, maybe could be better if the last mvp, only comes out in the last... 2 or 5 minutes? so, if newbies loose time, it would be just few minutes, Im one of the rushers of the mvp and what they say is true ahahaah
  3. kojiroh1


    Hello, I want to buy WWS 3/3/3 NO OP PRICE and PYUREL CARD! OFFER PLZ =D
  4. kojiroh1

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    well, I said I made a mistake in my words, Didn't noticed any effect yet, I thought it wasn't implemented yet, I wanted to say that WILL affect me, at least, not complaining or something, just opinnion.
  5. kojiroh1

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    bad Latté :c it's just instances, it's up to you if u want to do it alone or in party :c I prefer to play alone. ( but I'll go to E Dungeon with kino to see what happen there ahaha)
  6. kojiroh1

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    Wrong words by me on the part of "hard now" my mistake, but why so rude? I just was quoting to the comment of Xero, who said the changes are not only for pvp/bg/woe, also for instances and other things.
  7. kojiroh1

    2nd Class Balancing Patch

    I understand the nerfs in bg/pvp/woe, but the thing I don't like is that it's for instances too, as a solo player is really hard now :C
  8. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    okeey!, Ill keep with tryings, I guess it's just bad luck, I just want to comment it here instead of complaining on game ahahha, thanks haze.
  9. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    still happening the same to me, and other. Butttttt, if I say something, I'm crying and making drama, soooo ahahaha maybe we're just reaaally bad luck :c
  10. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    ok! so Ill try to forge again, thx xilleria P.D: Im famous in your pic ahaha
  11. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    Hope it's that bro, thx I'm not complaining but just want to check if it's bugged or something =D
  12. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    ok, drama? all ppl including SP have told if there's a problem, report in here, so I'm Doing it, if you don't have an answer or a solution, plz shhhh, I haven't make any drama or something, it's strange for me and I have to ask. thanks for nothing
  13. kojiroh1

    Forge Failing

    Hello, I forge everyday, and since the loading bar of forge was removed... I'm not liying 14 forges failed, I know forge is something that depends on luck, but come on, 14 fails is not something normal. No success for at least 3 days. I've lost a lot of materials cause of this. If it wasn't something strange I would't saya thing about it. P.D: other forgers have said the same problem.
  14. kojiroh1


    I buy hero quest too, Ill leave a merch in go 0 (Roxas XIII)
  15. kojiroh1

    how hard is it to speak ENGLISH here

    I speak Spanish as native language, but usually use English during conversations, but with my spanish mates who don't speak any english I only use Spanish, and I don't care if you have a problem with that!!! ahahaa, I try everyday to learn new pinoy words and other languages, LIKE PANGEEET or BAHO! ahahaha