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  1. Thorfin

    Honorable Guild

    Hi First of all the idea of honorable guild is fantastic to give players unrelated to pvp and woe a chance to catch up to veteran players by increasing the incentives for farming and grinding monsters in zeph and using said grind items on scavenge and i salute and thank you for this as it has made me get closer to other people ingame and have fun together, so far it looks good, but i dont think we should raise the point gain of the scheduled events like poring, goblin and such so high because it increases the "luck" aspect of pointgain too drastically, leaving scavenge and zeph missions (the main grindy and hard effort point gains) barely relevant. As pointed out new players can win the scheduled events, but those who mostly participate (and win) in them are veteran players (as a mainly event player I know) , which takes me to press your luck also being only an activity for players with a lot of zenny and not for new players. (how much zenny is spended on the average PYL race?) I dont mean to take away the "luck" factor out of the honorable guild system, but at least dont make more important than the other ways of earning points. Perhaps make it 6 or 7 points per event victory (which is at least two dqs or a player spending 6 hours doing scavenge quests). Srry for long post. Thx for the attention.
  2. Me gusta esta guía, gracias por el aporte xd. Ahora haz la guia de como ganar tanto en PYL -Comentario no pagado por la asociacion de jugadores amiguis de 88.
  3. Thorfin

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    @Sadie Kinda off topic, but i want to know... will the transformation into facerworm ability of the daggers dropped be implemented in the future?. (Currently it doesnt work)
  4. Thorfin

    Faceworm Nest [Party Instance]

    @Sadie It seems that the queen doesnt change ekement when you lure her to npc.