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  1. GM Snow

    Official SP Staff

    Hello guys, It's important for us to know who are the players that are support players. To be clear and with no confusion, Support Players ≠ Game Master. Support Players has the account group of level 2. While GMs are level 20 up. These players have no special power, what's special about them is the access to @request. They are the ones who are helping and answering your questions and concerns. These players do these tasks voluntarily, we all applaud and appreciate what you are doing to our server. The lists are as follows: Horakthy @Horakthy Latte @Latte Aselica @Mediana LastFridayKnight @Friday05 Christoper Vvwalken @Merong Mahawangsa Furai @Jean NoXqZ @NoXqZ PrincessOfDarkness @††Kaede†† Seven @GetNuked Bad. @medyobutaw Hanzelo @Jell-O PanFlippingCake @PanFlippingCake Yozef @iamzian1317 Kosukke @sakazuki Aaron @AllenAaron Kymchi @Kymchi .Arthur. @Arthur Noctis Sky. @Sunny Side of Life Tsuchie @Tsuchie Alahia @Alahia Somni @Somniii~ Ivo @iamhii GAMEPLAY CONSULTANT Players of this category are considered a support player though have no access to @request, they consult in balancing skills/item, the list are as follows: Dicaearchus @Dicaearchus Seamless @Seamless SNIFFUP @S N I F F U P A support player can have a double position as a PVP Consultant. As time goes on, the list will be updated as to who are the current support players.
  2. GM Snow

    Official GM Staff

    Hello guys, as time goes on. I feel like it is important for players to know who the current GMs are, there are some inactive GMs who still have their GM names intact. This is also in an effort for all players to get to know the GMs too. Honestly, DreamerRO wouldn't be where it is today without the international staff of the GM team, the team is made out of people with different backgrounds and timezones, and is committed to bringing you the best gaming experience; every one of us has genuine love towards the game and server. So we all should be clear as to who the current GM team is made of, The Rankings are as follows: ———————————————————————— [GM] Haze Lv. 99 (Administrator) @HaZe ———————————————————————— [GM] Sadie/ Irish Heart Lv. 80 (Head Developer) @Irish Heart ———————————————————————— [GM] Shimizu/ Horn Lv. 40 (Game Master) @GM Shimizu [GM] Snow Lv. 40 (Game Master) @GM Snow [GM] Miyuki Lv. 40 (Game Master) @GM Miyuki ———————————————————————— [GM] Nisha Lv. 20 (Support Game Master) @GM Nisha [GM] Light Lv. 20 (Support Game Master) @GM Light [GM] Fluttershy Lv. 20 (Support Game Master) @GM Fluttershy [GM] Nyx Ulric Lv. 20 (Support Game Master) @GM Nyx Ulric [GM] Claire Lv. 20 (Support Game Master) @GM Claire [GM] Turtle Lv. 20 (Support Game Master) @GM Turtle [GM] Waffle Lv. 20 (Support Game Master) @GM Waffle ———————————————————————— Developers: Xileria @Xileria Magna Divinus @Magna Divinus ———————————————————————— Over time the team will change and this thread will keep the list up to date.
  3. GM Snow

    Hi I'm 1ogic

    Wait what does this mean? Anyways, welcome!
  4. GM Snow

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    It would stay for a couple of days, no exact date of this yet. Depends on admin, but mobs and farming will stop at the 9th
  5. GM Snow

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    I'd like to remind you all: Event Period: December 6th, 2021 to January 9, 2022 [Server Time] Warning: All Christmas content will be removed by 9 January 2022 Be sure to make use of what's left in your inventory Today is December 7th, we have stretched the event D+3 to 9th. There will be no more postponing the finale.
  6. GM Snow

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Soon after Haze is available to log in and makes changes accordingly
  7. GM Snow

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Upcoming Phase 4 is updated, thanks @GM Chronos!
  8. GM Snow

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    House of Trials will run on server time as listed below: 1. 4:10 2. 7:10 3. 10:10 4. 16:10 5. 19:10 6. 01:10
  9. GM Snow

    New to here :)

  10. GM Snow

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    Phase 2 is up, Grape.
  11. GM Snow

    Christmas Event 2021 [Finale] [Ended]

    No, Holiday Token 2020 is replaced as Santa Clause Token.
  12. GM Snow

    male hair costume?

    Not yet so far as I've seen. I guess dudes usually don't wear wigs lol you can wear female wigs, I mean why not