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  1. GM Snow

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Phase 4]

    Credit to @NoXqZ for the card illustration of Aqua Mutant! (Done in an hour or so)
  2. GM Snow

    NoX's Models

    Make a haze statue
  3. GM Snow

    Easter Rare Poll 2021

    Oblivion blade matches my soul
  4. GM Snow

    WOE is dying?

    I can see IP addresses boys.
  5. GM Snow


    Like the SOP said, The GM suspected, then took evidence and believed the evidence was strong enough to take action. No evidence = no ban. Now I’m going to close the thread avoiding more flaming argument and drama.
  6. GM Snow


    I’m just gonna add the basic SOP (standard procedure) for GM to punish someone, so you guys have the full picture of what we are doing: 1. Before engaging in punishment, a GM should monitor and find evidence, no evidence = no punishment. Even muting/jailing you come with evidence 2. After a GM acquired the evidence (SS/ video) then the GM has the right to punish your account accordingly, depends on server rules or discretion and judgment 3. After punishing, here comes the aftermath; we will wait for you to ban appeal whether in support ticket/ ban appeal. 4. In the ban appeal section, hidden from the public eyes, we will discuss what happens and the GM will provide all evidence they have, we will have a civilized discussion about the whole picture and if your appeal was good enough, then we can rescind your punishment. Banning a player for a GM comes with consequences, FAIL to provide evidence risks the position of the GM, which will be either terminated or demoted. Haze/ chief GM watch closely and follow ban cases update. Players need to stop believing the GM team is conspiring to get you because of personal problems, we do not have the luxury of having individualism. Each GM is handpicked for their morality and impartiality, all players should trust what Haze has implemented and his system.
  7. GM Snow


    Your post is very hard to understand but yes creed helm works in PVP, give or take the way you just described it. The reason we believed it was Mastella is because of an ongoing bug about those infinite healing items being able to use in PVP areas where it shouldn’t, with script reload, server reboot, and a lot of stuff going on in the server it’s fair for us to assume, it was a mistake we apologized and compensated for it. At the end of the day, the GM team is a bunch of people, mature enough to be fair, human enough to make mistakes, with players ever so often forgetting we are also normal players burdened with special tasks. we hold suspicious behavior account temporarily until we are convinced otherwise, this isn’t so hard to understand, all GM has the right to temporarily ban your account until you succeed in appealing. That is the whole point of the ban appeal section, I find myself keep repeating the same thing over and over like a broken radio lol.
  8. GM Snow


    We have our own suspicion about mastella and reasons for believing it was. Now if you want to suggest about creed helm I recommend you to create a proper thread instead of stirring the pot like this.
  9. GM Snow

    Easter Event Farming Guide

    I see you all like my katar
  10. GM Snow

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Go ahead and bug Sadie and Haze enough to convince them have me to host 1 for this seasonal haha
  11. GM Snow

    Easter Event 2021 [Closed]

    Happy easter everyone!
  12. GM Snow


    Very nice
  13. GM Snow

    Almost 1 year in DRO

    I’ll join
  14. GM Snow

    What are you listening to?

    its finally time to cue this song for me