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  1. Minty

    Minty's Art Space

    desert wolf puppers! idk if its noticeable but ive been doing cute pets so far!
  2. Minty

    Minty's Art Space

    Ahh, I appreciate your feedback!!
  3. Minty

    Minty's Art Space

    hooman poring~
  4. Minty

    Minty's Art Space

    Thank you kindly! This community needs more ppl like you
  5. Minty

    Minty's Art Space

    hooman lunatic cheeb
  6. Minty

    Minty's Art Space

    I got a weird inspiration to draw stuff of Ragnarok. I may or may not post art of other things. It's a bit little quiet here but I don't mind tbh lol. All the more reason I can spam my shit with wild abandon huehue. I'm gonna use this smol space as a place to put my finished or unfinished artworks of RO. Feel free to ignore~