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  1. burrote

    [Hello] Self Introduction

    I'd try my best doing it then
  2. burrote

    [Hello] Self Introduction

    Thx i'd try well actually i just sit on Caspen stalking public chat actually xD and if someone ask for help just trying to help with all i learnt from reading the forum & testing xD
  3. burrote

    [Hello] Self Introduction

    thx i'd try i was a member of divine strike on the past of those old days... so yeah ik what kind of people live there xD
  4. burrote

    [Hello] Self Introduction

    thanks... at this moment just on stalker mode watching public conversations but meh its okd for now
  5. burrote

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 [Ended]

    well as i see the people sell Dtokens for 1.6b e/a if we do some maths 950b / 1.6b = 593.75 USD the donations are about 50 usd or more x2.... so... 593.75 / 2 = 296.87 USD but at this moment is x3 so.... 593.75 / 3 = 197.916 usd... for those 950b if some people are telling 500 credits... so... 500/3 = 166.67 dolars... 197.916 - 166.67 = 31.24 USD more than that amount then... start to sell all those DTokens and thats it you will get those 950b.... just need a little of patience.... good luck i would like do that but already spend 125 usd and i guess i wont chager that amount maybe the other year xP
  6. burrote

    [Hello] Self Introduction

    well i like my job, i dont love it because im not the owner but i like all i do even if i've to work at home 24/7 xD sadly some times is....stressfull for that reason i play games and stuff like that, to solve that
  7. Hi,.... im burrote/ItsFree (at game on this moment... ItsFree) i played Dro since open? well i played even since those 2 old servers Sro & Aro.... but meh.... i've like uhm 8+ yrs without being a player? just a scripter blah blah blah, im here to try to spend some of my free time maybe on woe and stuff like that... if is possible to be a "pay to boost" i'll do it (actually bought the heroism thing... so already a elite hero in about 4~5 days since i created the new account) i wanna improve my knowledge about 3rd stuff and all of that uhmm... Lenguages: Spanish (Main) / English. Country: Mexico. Gender: Male Age: 29 (atm on 2019...). Hobby: well work.... i spend most of my time working from monday to sunday...(yeah just 1 job). what i like?: i like watch some anime/manga/novels on my free time, play some other games that i wont say... but mostly is are moba & mmorpg's. what i expect from Dreamer Ro?: well maybe meet some people i would like spend some time... maybe a few WoE's... and if there's some cute sprites to have i'll get em', maybe join a guild dunno... or at least some people that could help me to be "ok" on this server... Main Problem at this moment on Dro?: im extremely poor... (talking about zeny...). well for now i guess that's it.... anything else... just say me a hello or something ig xD Thanks, Best Regards,