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  1. uptownboi11

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    I see. thanks for the info. <3
  2. uptownboi11

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    anyone knows what would happen if you re-roll on stage 7 of paragon? is it just gonna change the item you get or there is a chance for whammy?
  3. uptownboi11

    Just a newbie passing by the forums

    Wow dude thats a lot of info. i was wondering what HHH mean until you comment this. thanks a lot for this. ill be sure to look up what you said. hope to meet you someday in the game.
  4. uptownboi11

    Just a newbie passing by the forums

    i hope i find them soon. hehe thanks.
  5. uptownboi11

    Just a newbie passing by the forums

    thanks Wallace. ill keep that in mind.
  6. Hi everyone, my IGN name is Trich/Trichos and i started playing dreamer RO about 5 days days ago. Yeah a total newbie in the server but not in the game. I've played ragnarok in the past but only on pre-renewal server so being in a high rate server is kinda new to me. I read a lot of guide here in the forum but there are some questions that I cant find from the guides. I already finish the Hero Quest and since then i'm just grinding zeph, DQ ,scavenger hunt and in-game events. So I came here to introduce myself and hoping to have friends and teach me a lot about this server. Filipino/English is the language I speak/type. That's all and thanks for reading my introduction.