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    Hello guys! If you have been searching for guides on how to earn zeny, you may have already found this guide http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Earning_Zeny . My Guide however will tackle earning zeny by looting misc. items and selling them to NPCs. This method for me is an Anti-Boredom method in way that it does not promote Routine actions. Withouth Further Adieu, Welcome to the Guide! REQUIREMENTS: a.) 1 Warlock (The main Loot hunter) and 1 Merchant (The seller of loots) b.) Gears : Returner Set , Random Staff. Nothing more, Nothing Less STEPS: Step 1.) After creating both a Warlock and a Merchant, Level both of them to 500. This can be done by going to @go level. What is important for the Warlock is that it should have insta-cast (150 dex) and for the Merchant, it should max out its OverCharge Skill (24% increase to profit) Step 2.) You should assign @jump to your Alt+1 and @storage to your Alt+2. This can be done by pressing Alt+M in game and editing the shortcuts. Step 3.) The hunting begins! Be sure to use @autoloot to turn autoloot off and then use "@autoloot item <Item name>" to loot the specific items shown in this guide. Also take note that ive noticed LORD OF VERMILLION has a bigger AOE than STORM GUST. The notable Maps for Loot hunting will be as following, a.) Abyss_03 Notable Loots: Treasure Box (150k ea)(100% drop) - Gold Acidus b.) bra_dun02 Notable Loots: Witherless Rose (27.5k ea) (100% drop) - Iara Crystal Mirror (7.5k ea) (100% drop) - Iara Illusion Flower (100k ea, sell to players) (100% drop) - Iara c.) lhz_fild03 Notable Loots: Four leaf clover (40k ea) (100% drop) - Breeze, Rafflesia Dead branch (50k ea, sell to players) (100% drop) - Breeze d.) Treasure02 Notable Loots: Amethyst (3k ea) (100% drop) - Penomena Fabric (100k ea, sell to players) (100% drop) - Whisper Ghostring Card (1b ea, sell to players) (3% drop) - Ghostring 1 mob per 40 mins Drake Card (1b ea, sell to players) (3% drop) - Drake 1 mob per 2 hours Step 4.) When you become overweight or bored, transfer all your loots to you @storage then switch to your mechant then sell the loots. For the loots that must be sold to players, go to "gold_mart" and on the south part of the map you will see vendors willing to buy those loots. Ending Words : There are a lot more of maps where you can find high priced loots such as the thanatos tower where you can loot Stone of sage. This Guide has been made with three things in mind, 1.) Mob Density 2.) Map size 3.) Loot weight So looters out there, Have fun making money!
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    Ranged Auto Attack Build

    okay sir thank you! im now regreting buying the glorious rifle hahaha
  3. icecoolicecube

    Ranged Auto Attack Build

    Guys can I request a build that is good for autoattack. no skills. for battlegrounds. Im using a Gunslinger with Glorious Rifle. Still not doing anything haha
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    I was following her for i think 20mins just looking at her. Thought it was an event or something hahahahaha
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    Oh Okay! I was just curious hahahahaha
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    So i found this player, "Calla" using sight and just walking around randomly in Geffen. Tried to pm her but the system says there is no such character or the player is offline. But Im seeing her walking around using sight. Was just curious about this player hahaha
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    You're Welcome!!! I genuinely thought Kevin was the player's name
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    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Its working already!! Thank you! Wonderful Support Staff in this Server
  9. icecoolicecube

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Ok GM! hope you can fix it. Love the Event!
  10. icecoolicecube

    Christmas Event [2019] [End]

    Hello GM Sadie! I would just like to ask if the Goddess of Justice S enchantment is working? I equipped the headgear but there are no changes in the atk, hit, maxHP. The enchantment says there should be +100 atk, +40 hit, and +6000 Max HP. Thank youuuu! Having fun in the Xmas event! More power to the Dreamer Ro Team!!!!