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  1. GM Miyuki

    New to the server

    Helloo, welcome to DreamerRO! Don't worry about being a newbie and getting lost here as most of our features here are newbie-friendly. This topic might guide you, getting known of the gameplay in this server. Have a read through here If you're facing difficulties or if there's any questions in game, please use the command '@request' and any available Support Players or GMs will answer if they are available. You may message any of us GMs here too if you're uncomfortable talking to others. Here's the Discord link https://discord.com/invite/RnESdRen?utm_source=Discord Widget&utm_medium=Connect
  2. GM Miyuki

    pinoys =scammers?

    What you wrote here doesn't provide us any information to investigate the issue but rather a discrimination towards other race. These bold statement you wrote would draw an outrage from the community, mind you. Just because a player betrayed your trust doesn't justify your action labelling an entire race for a scammer. You are already breaking several forum rules by posting this topic and I'll remind you of it. 1. Do not post content with the sole purpose of starting drama on the server. If it is a sensitive subject, it should be discussed through support tickets. Punishment: 1st Offense: Deletion of content + Warning, 2nd offense: Warning + 3-day ban, 3rd Offense: 2 weeks ban or permanent ban. 4. Do not open topics to accuse another player or a staff member without proper evidence. Evidence may include screenshots, chat logs, videos, etc. Without evidence your case is useless. Punishment: 1st Offense: Deletion of content + Warning, 2nd offense: Warning + 3-day ban, 3rd Offense: 2 weeks ban or permanent ban. 7. Do not start uncivilized arguments on public topics. The Private message system should be used to carry on with these kinds of arguments. Punishment: 1st Offense: Deletion of content + Warning, 2nd offense: Warning + 3-day ban, 3rd Offense: 2 weeks ban or permanent ban. I sincerely apologise to all Philippines player on behalf of original poster for his insolences. We do not tolerate racism and unlawful players in DreamerRO. As mentioned by our Support Players, please create your topic in Report section or Support Ticket and provide all necessary information so we could investigate but bear in mind that If you're having difficulties what to write in report/support ticket, you're more than welcome to message any of us GMs for guidance. That's your impression towards them. Not everyone is ethical by nature and never expect them to be, just by your presumption due to their fame. For example, have a look at corrupted politicians and/or world leaders. I hope you get the idea. I am here on neutrality and in peace. This topic would be locked to forbid any further dramas/arguments.
  3. GM Miyuki

    Can't Run DreamerRO_Patcher

    Try disabling your antivirus and/or firewall and try it again. It might be one of your protection software blocking it.
  4. People mainly use Randgris Card to make the weapon unbreakable and it's 10% ATK. Dispel are useful against Boss monster that casts Reflect skill such as Detale and Golden Thief Bug.
  5. I've warned and punish him enough. Caspen now would be free from his perversity.
  6. GM Miyuki

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    It's a joke Not yet, it'll be available after WOE today around 6~8 server time (use @time in game)
  7. GM Miyuki

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Phase 4 are the final phase which we'll release new rares and Raffle NPC during this time. It'll be either today or tomorrow. There won't be any extension.
  8. GM Miyuki

    Goodbye Dreamerro

    You were punished for spamming @request after being told not to, not once but twice. You then proceed to write offensive word which we do not tolerate in DreamerRO. You were banned last time for similar reason too, spamming request and decided to ignore warning. Please note that I've no personal issue with you but no choice to respond publicity. We highly encourage any players to report staff members if they believed to abuse their power through private messaging or support ticket. If you think Fortuna card bought imbalance to this server, you're more than welcome to open a topic in an appropriate forum section and we can all discuss it together.
  9. GM Miyuki

    GM abuse, well bye to my favourite server

    You were temporarily banned for dual-clienting in Survival Event. That's the main reason I punish you.
  10. GM Miyuki

    msvcr100.dll error help!!!!!

    These error can be easily fixed by installing these two application at the same time: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64) Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) Install both regardless, and please restart your computer and run DreamerRO Patcher after this. Note: Gepard might move some of those files to 'trash' folder in your installation folder. Simply move all files from 'trash' folder to your installation folder and run patcher before starting the game.  or Restart and do a fresh clean install of DreamerRO after you installed both of these above application.
  11. GM Miyuki

    Illustration Design Contest [Closed]

    Just a friendly reminder to all participants, you have about 18 days left (from the time of my post) for submission! Contest ends at and any submission after 1st of January 2021 won't be accepted. All the best
  12. GM Miyuki

    Christmas Event 2020 [Closed]

    Only in Christmas map
  13. GM Miyuki

    Mika's Art Submission

    I see nuke request and I'll look for @camilarunissoon in game Beautiful and cute illustration by the way! Keep up the good work
  14. GM Miyuki

    Game crashes - Sprite issue

    Locate DreamerRO Patcher in your installation and folder and run it to receive those necessary updates for your client. It should fix all of those errors. Make sure to close the game before you open the patcher.
  15. GM Miyuki

    Modified Temporal Boots

    Only from Old Glast Heim (OGH) and Faceworm instance