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  1. GM Miyuki

    [Updated] Price Check Thread

    Bengal Tiger Hat is exclusive in Easter Event only and is account bounded (meaning untradeable). You can buy similar effect in Donation Mall (@go market) with [Account Bound] Top Headgear NPC e.g. Supreme Helm, Pokemon Hat.
  2. GM Miyuki


    All the best to you and take care! Hoped to see you soon in game
  3. GM Miyuki

    "That name is familliar"

    Helloooo Nonie, welcome back to Dreamer! Lots has changed while you were away, but take your time to explore around! Let us know or use @request in-game anytime if you had any question
  4. GM Miyuki


    I'm in charge of the case and will move topic to ban appeal for privacy reason.
  5. GM Miyuki

    Any help for equipment build in hunter

    You can refer to this link DreamerRO Wiki - Ranger Class for equipments and stats. Most of those items listed in Newbie guide are available through Daily Quest NPC [caspen 184 183], DeathMatch NPC [casp_auct02 34 28], and few other places in BattleGround (BG), and Donation Mall. Lot of items here are custom made and could only be found in DreamerRO (Wiki and forum). Take your time to explore around and use @request if you're experiencing difficulties or if there's any questions.
  6. GM Miyuki

    Can't find files : sprite...

    Client was outdated and issue was solved by patching
  7. GM i experiencing Can't find file; Sprite 


    here is the log file


    1. GM Miyuki

      GM Miyuki

      Hello there, it seems your client are outdated, have you patched it? If not, please find DreamerRO Patcher in your installation folder and run it to receive all necessary updates for the client.

      If that doesn't help, perform a fresh new installation with the full installer from here into a different folder and then run DreamerRO Patcher. It should eliminate those errors. Let me know if you're still experiencing difficulties 🙂

    2. efilla


      Id already run a fresh full client but ill try to repatch it

    3. GM Miyuki

      GM Miyuki

      Issue solved by patching 🙂

  8. GM Miyuki

    BOT in BG (poweroff)

    Player has been punished. Thanks for reporting
  9. GM Miyuki

    Hero Quest Guide

    My bad, speak to Hildebrand at [lighthalzen 256 122] after the de-bug. You should receive a 'Peridot'. Follow the guide after that
  10. GM Miyuki

    Hero Quest Guide

    Hello, use '@hero' command in-game to check if you're already Rank C. Unlock all Rank C Quest by speaking to Reginleif NPC in Hero Temple. Speak to Hero Debugger NPC (on your right side when facing Reginleif NPC) and repeat steps above if it doesn't help. Try speak to Heimer after this. Let me know if you're having difficulties.
  11. GM Miyuki

    GX Accessory Cards

    You can directly warp there. Simply type '@warp dic_dun03'
  12. GM Miyuki

    getting the 2nd hero weapon

    Hihi, BS Regin is at ein_in01 28 85
  13. GM Miyuki

    Coming Home!!

    Hellooo, welcome back! I'm pretty sure lots has changed from the past 7-8 years but take your time to explore around and getting used to dRO again! See you around
  14. GM Miyuki


    The NPC will transmute the elite weapon EQUIPPED. Equip your Equinox and talk to the npc to exchange it.
  15. Welcome to DreamerRO! Use @request in-game if you do have any questions or having any difficulties you needed help with. Have fun and see you in game!