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  1. Aegus

    Mining Maps Issue

    SO you mean it was the problem of system that u start mining at the time and the only mine maps left to you are that numbers? is that right?. You re reasons are nonsense u just want to increase number of mines bcoz everytime you starts mine thats the only number of mines left to you. Anyway its up to devs how will they see this issue.
  2. Aegus

    Mining Maps Issue

    Looks like your talking about me im lvl 60 miner also but im still enjoying mining and making profit of it. Not getting spot bcoz of many players starts to mine is not the problem of the system but you are just experiencing of competing with other miners. Now i will give you a situation when only few miners and others stop mining are you still complaining? Of course not bcoz easy mining.
  3. Aegus

    Mining Maps Issue

    If less player do mining will you also suggest reducing map??
  4. Aegus

    Its becoming frustrating

    Many player now joined stp event thats why it is hard to gained division points when then event ended it will less people again
  5. Aegus

    wtb slim whites

    its requirements to cast the slim pitch potion skill- aoe heal of genetic
  6. Aegus

    Its becoming frustrating

    Make the MVP more stronger so the veterans will take time to kill them
  7. Aegus

    Elite Dungeon Quest

    Looking for party for elite dungeon. I dont care about the loot i only need to finish my elite dungeon achievement.
  8. Aegus

    Aegus Store

    Shamshir+10 Sold
  9. Aegus

    Aegus Store

    nightmare ghost sold
  10. Aegus

    Aegus Store

  11. Aegus

    [QoL] Client Changes

    All Hail Haze!! Thanks for awesome updates
  12. Aegus


    try to reach 700 points
  13. Aegus

    Buying +9/10 Fresh Rose

  14. Aegus

    Buying +9/10 Fresh Rose

  15. "Orc Memory Dungeon Build Only" Stats: Str = 200 Agi = until 190 - 195 aspd Vit = 350 - 400 Int = 480 - 500 Dex = 150 Luk = Rest of points Equipments:Card Headgears: TOP = Creed Helm/Danzo Bandage: Vesper Card MID = Any 45% redux delay or +30 all stat & 25% redux delay : Vesper or Kiel Card LOWER = Candy Ring : Vesper or Kiel Card Armor: +0-10 Executioner Armor : Fused Angeling/Amdarais/Angeling Card +0-10 Magnetite Armor : Fused Angeling/Amdarais/Angeling Card +8-10 Jugg / VA with Tao Gunka Card = For Sacri Build Shield : +8-10 Libra : Thara Frog / Lilith card - partner for Executioner Armor +0-10 Shield of Evalach : Thara Frog / Lilith card - partner for Magnetite Armor Weapon : +0-10 Exodia : ( 1xFusedDracula and 3x Sniper Card ) +10 Solar Sword Garment: +0-8 Keepers Manteau : Deviling Card -Lvl 3 Cloaking skill - Very Important for smooth passage Elite Asprika : Antique Book or Deviling Card up to you Asprika Shoes: +0-10 Twilight Boots : Fallen Bishop Card Sleipnir with Enchant : Fallen Bishop Card Accessories: Adamite Pendant/Medal of Honor/ Elite Job Glove : Dark Faceworm and Gem of Safety Card - Very Important Card Consumables; Yggdrasil Berry Holy Elemental Scroll - always use when using Grand Cross Panacea Tips: use Sacri Build for Normal Monster then Grand Cross for the Boss Its my first guide feel free to add more