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  1. Aegus

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    Increase the number of elderberry tree please make same number of mad scientists.
  2. Aegus

    Better Hunter: GX or Sorc?

    ranger no so fast unlike gx and sorc but so comfortable to use
  3. You can join to Elegant Universe Guild, please visit izlude thats our guild base
  4. Guild name: "The Elegant Universe" Guild leader: ~Cosmos~ / Asteria Hello Dreamers, The Elegant Universe is looking for members who wants to socialize which also includes the following: 1. PVP,BG,WOE(for future)- practicing pvp with each other, playing Battlegrounds as a group and also we can form party for HHH event for those who wants to level up there elite weapon or farm heroic coins; 2. Social purposes- Chillin out, discussing out of DRO world and of course some funny talk; 3. Helping new players to adapt quickly in DRO world- Some of the members are veterans we can guide/help you like how to earn zenny, how to get this items(weapons or material), how to become elite hero and some basic tips for entering instances etc. Our official guild base is on Izlude. Feel free to visit us if you wanna join.
  5. Aegus

    Aegus Store

  6. Aegus

    Aegus Store

    i need around 60pcs dtoks bro
  7. Aegus

    Aegus Store

    Selling: +4 Onyx Guard 23B +9 Nightmare Ghost 55B Division scroll(40pcs) 1.3b each Bloodcurling wing 11B Paladin Card 2pcs 25B ea Professor Card 30B Sinx Card 4B Kiel Card 3pcs 6B ea note: fix price
  8. Aegus

    B> Hero Quest

    Hello Im Buying Hero Quest for 5B Please Pm me with my IGN: Prof Garm or leave ur IGN in reply section Thank you very much
  9. Hello Im AegusGaming From New Bloods I just want to clarify you who complain about our guild which didnt get salary or anything First of all I don't know where did you get that information, my Guild leader and other veteran members guided us all newbie players like me to become strong they even help us in mission, quest and what item we need for us to become strong in game. Our guild have good teamwork in regards of making points even in automated events where not jealous eve if other member got the price but we greeted him/her since we got the points its all about teamwork and harmonious communication between guild mates. Thats all.