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  1. Okay Time to Grind again OGH and HorrorĀ  Im coming

  2. Aegus

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    This is good idea but i think its too late? since the event will end at nov 8. tbh im just waiting for this AOT event i think this is the most exciting phase of event
  3. Aegus

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    It's because not all players have the same attitude.
  4. Aegus

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    they maybe become available soon just maybe
  5. Aegus

    [QoL] Custom GRFs and Modifications

    GoGoGo Pan make the HHH less lag. XD
  6. Aegus

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    use the following items : Top HG: any HG with auto cast skill or the event HG - Kiel card Mid HG: Event HG - kiel card Lower HG: Event HG- Kiel card armor - VA with undead/shadow card wweapon - event weapon + elementa sword - f. bapho card garment- u dont need any card here - kasa card will cast fireball which is useless shoe - any shoe with eddga card acce - merc relic
  7. Aegus

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    This is wat u got Haze when you spoiled too much your babies they will cry if they didnt get what they want XD
  8. Aegus

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    thats good bro always think positive and enjoy the game XD
  9. Aegus

    Forge Failing

    like wat i said its not 100% successful but it will give u a high chance of success XD
  10. Aegus

    Forge Failing

    its like global success rate bro its only my opinioin and experience the more people do refining or forging it will affect ur success rate XD its not luck but its an algorithm though so my advice is refine or forge in a town or place where theres no player or check the time where only few player online its not 100% but its high from my side XD i also complained about this but the only thing devs will tell you is ur just "unlucky"
  11. Aegus

    Halloween Event 2020 - Phase 4

    This people really. If they cant get what they want they complained now Haze made some update they blaming there co zephy farmer for opening this topic. Every bug or glitch or any form of thing that can be possibly abuse should nerfed or make some changes to balance it out. im a zeph farmer also but im glad on wat haze done. Lesson learned!
  12. Aegus

    Warlock guide for Phantasmagoria

    "Blue fairy" its a lower head gear
  13. Aegus

    +10 FVH

    buying FVH+10 for 40B PM
  14. New Event Dungeon exclusive for Halloween Event. New Event thats makes everyone surprise XD.
  15. Aegus

    Old Glast Heim Guide (Newbie Friendly)

    Okay thank you for the tips im just curious bcoz theres 1 skill of amdarais that makes your hp into 1/4 if thats the earthquake then gr +devi will be the best choice