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  1. Tyrannical

    Which Build is best for RK?

    DB+Spiral. Since spiral deals extra damage to LARGE size monsters.
  2. Tyrannical

    PvP Balancing Discussion

    Mentioning those 2 brings back my memories where i'd like to stay dead inside pvp map and enjoy watching them dancing with their enemies. Like Extraordinary doing crazy backslides with precise skills to chain ( SB, Meteor with status, grimmtooth, and even venum dust) . Had 1 also fought whose doing FO while circling you around with his reloc , and not just standing and spamming FO, if not mistaken his IGN was like "Alma m....." something. Diazespam, no question. The Fame (Sinx), had only seen few of his play but he really plays well. Figure/"Okrut' - on avalanche guild (RK) one of the RK's whom i respect . Exculpate, is one of the top sorcs around as far as i could remember. Bumping on this thread to say Hi to Fennie, never had the chance to welcome you back when u started playing again.
  3. Tyrannical

    RANGER BUILD EVENT : Corona Virus

    also use poison arrow.
  4. Tyrannical

    how hard is it to speak ENGLISH here

    I have some Indo friends. And I usually stay with them because i feel more comfortable with those guys, even though i don't understand what they are talking about... I pretend to afk sometimes only just listen (read) on their conversation. Sometimes, i google translate it for me to somehow at least to understand a little. Until some of the common few words they are using became familiar with me. It's just, I'm not anxious enough to barge in on a conversation of 2 people/group when I'm not really involved to their topic. It's only when they call my name.