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  1. Kys

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 2]

    Thank you for the explanation.
  2. Kys

    Halloween Event 2021 - [Phase 2]

    i dont understand this can someone explain to me? the 1st one says the choices are bound to that monster then the second one says it will random again?
  3. Kys


    Hi so i have followed the build here but i have some problems my damage is only around 200k my eq are: Witch Morgana Hat - Kiel Neo Artic Wing - Kiel Christmas Eremes Scarf - High Wizard Staff of Sentinel - 3x Ancient Tree Card, Celine Kimi Card Armor of Forgotten - Nightmare Amon Ra Card Valk Mant - Antique Book Card Book of Toth - Teddy Bear Card Twilight Boots - Determined Kathryn Card 2x Adamite Pendant
  4. Kys

    Summer Bash 2021 - [Ended]

    Will there be pets for sale this event? Also can we add Token of Seigfried as a mob drops even at 0.01%?
  5. Kys

    Pop-up while Vote 4 Points really not required

    I think you can vote twice per day because the cooldown is only 12hrs
  6. How much hit do i need exactly for kimi phantom?
  7. Kys


    How much Emp Card?
  8. Kys


    B> +10 Gorilla Head LBO
  9. Kys

    Glacial Wolf Battleground Set

    How to know how many sets are left?
  10. Kys

    Warlock guide for Phantasmagoria

    I see thanks
  11. Kys

    Warlock guide for Phantasmagoria

    Where can i get frozen ribbon cape?
  12. Kys

    Clown and Gypsy Taroteers

    I didnt know that. The more you learn everyday.
  13. Kys

    Clown and Gypsy Taroteers

    Well im talking about the bossnia, not eye of the storm but i feel you if your team has the rush mid disease where the only place they know to go is mid.
  14. Kys

    Clown and Gypsy Taroteers

    Coma the flag all the way.