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  1. Zheigh

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    i thought they made it 15% ? i think they still didnt update it.
  2. Zheigh

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    Just three questions guyz 1.what is the percentage of the "Hillslion Doll[1]" to cast random bolts ? 2.what is the percentage of the "Plasma Familiar[1]" to cast random bolts ? 3.does it stack with mercury relic[1] ?
  3. this build works for me. feel free to experiment & add whatever you want. I did not use event headgears, because of its additional range. so I did is this *note: i did not use headgear events. Because with the additional range of middle and lower headgear , auto-skill/auto-bolts wont proc EVENT WEAPON : *availabe at caspen 172 215. STATS : TOP HEADGEAR : *you can use any top headgear[1] with (Adds a chance to cast various magic skill when attacking). MIDDLE HEADGEAR : *you can use any middle gear[1]. LOWER HEADGEAR : *you can use any lower gear[1] with (Increases walking speed by 60% or 70%). GARMENT : *you can use any garment[1]. ACCESORY : *you can use two mercury relic[1] as well.