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  1. Avrora

    #Selfie Screenshot Event

    Character Name: Avrora. Image link: Here (how can they post the screenshot itself here? I have a pretty bad screenshot quality and it's still 130+ kb over . compressing it just made it even worse and still 10kb over lol)
  2. I hope I can make GM Miyuki proud. ❤️

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    2. Ultra Instinct
    3. GM Miyuki

      GM Miyuki

      Congratulations to you and to all other chosen staffs! Thank you in advance for helping in answering those requests~ Good to have you in our team! 😊

    4. GM Olyvia

      GM Olyvia

      Congratulations to you & Welcome~~

  3. Difficulty Capture the Flag - 2 Triple Inferno - 5 Eye of the Storm - 2 Team Deathmatch - 2 Domination - 2 Rush - 2 Conquest - 2 Bossnia - 2 Stone Control - 2 Average Round Duration: Capture the Flag - 7 min Triple Inferno - 9 min Eye of the Storm - 6 min Team Deathmatch - 7 min Domination - 7 min Rush - 10 min Conquest - 10 min Bossnia - 4 min Stone Control - 4 min Favorite BG Game Modes: Capture the Flag - 4 Triple Inferno - 1 Eye of the Storm - 6 Team Deathmatch - 8 Domination - 7 Rush - 2 Conquest - 3 Bossnia - 5 Stone Control - 9 ---------------------------------- Suggestions: 1. Change Triple Inferno map or remove it altogether. this map is unplayable as it is riddled with tile bugs. this is also the reason many players afk in the safe zone, or flat out skip the game mode instead. 2. In bossnia, disable the heal for neutral flag. if there's no sorc to lp or wiz to ganba AB's sanctuary, it just keeps on healing it to full hp even when 10+ players hitting it. 3. In Rush and Conquest BG mode, change the time from 6min for every objective to 10min to destroy emp itself. sometimes, players break the first stone (which will then landslide quickly to emp. basically if you break 1st stone ime, its easy to break the next until its just the emperium left) on 5min mark then resets the timer to 6min again. this makes it a very long game mode. 4. I suggested this before and I will suggest it again. Add an individual warning to afk players first before the announcement/before other players can vote to kick or just lengthen the time of announcement to actual kicking from the game. there's so little difference between them and you just cant help but act afk sometimes especially when waiting enemies to come in emp room in rush and conquest. 5. In Rush and Conquest again, can each team have a specific e-caller role that they can use or pass to another teammate to use? I'm aware that e-calls are a thing at these modes, but I still have no idea how to do it. 6. I have heard that bards can tarot enemy bosses in Bossnia. Kindly check if it's true (I'm pretty sure it is) and if it is, please disable it. It is one of the few reasons bossnia is so quick to end and just flat out unfair to the other team. IGN: Avrora. (with the dot)
  4. Avrora

    Error When entering game

    Try update the game by running patcher as admin
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  6. Avrora

    Royal Guard Caspen Farming

    Creed + GC
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  9. Avrora

    DreamerRO Observation

    can we stop the Filipinos=toxic kind of mentality please? If you wanna point out that players in PvP are toxic, fine. But you also have to know that not all players there are Filipinos. To be clear, I am not saying that there's no Filipino scumbag. What I'm trying to say is that there's scumbags in every part of the world and don't let the idea that all Filipinos are bad just because you encounter most of them. We Filipinos are far from the best, but it doesn't mean that there's nothing good that comes out from this shitplace. Just for example, have you ever heard of the largest guild that supports newbies in the game right now? One of their leaders is a Filipino, @Seamless (though he gave me 3 fake pelus that can only get you up to +5). Also, have you encountered those gambling addicts in PYL that does nothing but gamble and socialize with people that came to gamble or to ask newbie questions? Yup, most of those people are Filipinos too. Lets not focus just on the bad side. Some of the worse people I've known are Filipinos, but most of them are the greatest people I've ever known too. P.S how can you even tell that most of the people in PvP are Filipinos? In my 10+ years of experience of ragnarok mostly from dRO, players barely even talk in PvP arenas. Gangs talk trash through PvP announcer which also btw does not give any indication that they're Filipinos too but unless they directly PM you, I can't think of any way they can curse at you without broadcasting it. If you're talking about other arenas than 3rds and HA, then maybe I can consider the argument that the person being toxic to you is one.
  10. Avrora

    Returning player

    RK: Here GX: Here Copy PvP builds and kill people in PvP, BG, or woe lol. you can also just buy elite kill scrolls through dro tokens, elite temple, or players.
  11. Avrora


    nope 210b is the highest offer and i declined
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    no sorry too high for me friend lol go 40 imma buy it
  14. Avrora


    pm here on in-game for offers BUYING: Glorified Orc Hero Card SELLING: Titanium Plate - 8b
  15. who's poepey?

    1. GM Miyuki

      GM Miyuki

      The sailor man! 😋