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  1. poepey

    Moonlight Sonata.'s Event Grinding Tips

    yes its a must but I think most hunters already know that. Also I don't change the rate from the time I log in (automatic 100% loot rate) so it kinda felt an unnecessary tip to me.
  2. poepey

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    30% more than the usual zeny price probably. I don't know if the 30% is already within the said zeny price when initiating a zeph quest, but I think it's automatically given after the quest is done
  3. poepey

    Staff Appreciation

    Wait, GM Sadie is a wamen?!?!! been here for years and I've never know that. Sorry >.< at least now you can be my mom
  4. Now that you guys have proper gear (yes. not full because you still need mercury relic), here are some tips that I can share with you guys with the experience I have gathered. DISCLAIMER: • This guide consists of the knowledge I have to efficiently kill mob which then takes me to the top 3 hunters and gives me more chances to rare drops and buffs. • This applies to me. It wont hurt to go and research what works best on you. • Most of the tips are applicable to hitters only as I have no experience whatsoever with WL and Sorc in event grinding (They suck anyway. jk Sierra Mike and Corona Extra are gods) • This was made in March 2020 Corona Event. Some of the said items might not exist in the following big events. TIPS: 1. When everyone has the same equips on them, what separates a good hunter from a bad hunter is EFFICIENCY. 2. If youre going to make a new character to hunt, try using Guillotine Cross (Assassin 3rd Job) as they are able to carry a divine weapon and another one for either Shamshir or Elemental Sword. 3. Do not put auto-cast cards on your weapon and armor. you only have a limited amount of auto-casted skills (courtesy of jnad05 for the info). In my case, when I put Garm bebe and Garm card, Gazeti card doesn't work. Trading your "bolt" skill (10 dmg on mobs) for a "ball" skill (1 dmg) is just a bad idea. 4. Put your @jump macro on alt+1, then change that macro in settings with any single button you barely use. I personally use "`" for jumping so I don't have to click 2 buttons again and again. I know it's dumb, but if it saves me 0.01 second then dammit it's worth it! 5. You can also put @storage on your macro to make it easier to move your items when you're overweight. 6. A good internet connection is a key to a better efficiency. Stop using youtube when your internet cannot handle it! Or play it in 144p to load it faster. 7. Use a pet. Poring is better than anything since it has 20 slots ( not sure but my gold poring has afaicr) so you have someone to autoloot nearby tokens when Furious Bat dies. Collecting them one by one is a big no no. 8. Jumping around hunting for the Furious Bat is not worth it imo. Better get the top ranks for a surefire ticket and tokens than wasting time chasing a not sure one. Also, the boss in this event does not make the player with most damage get it. It is the one who LAST HIT IT. So even if you don't chase it, there's a good chance that it will jump on your face and kill it. 9. When transitioning from killing a mob to the next one that is a little bit farther from your reach, do not click the next mob right away. Sometimes there's a bug that your character just closes in the gap, then never attack for like 2 seconds. What I do is click the ground/tile to close the gap then immediately attack the mob. I can't explain it as much as I know how to do this, but this will take some practice and experience to do perfectly. 10. When there's tons of mobs hitting you, you can transition attack the next mob easier and smoother than if it isn't based on my opinion. But be careful as the mobs (or at least in Corona Event) has a very weirdly long range and the #9 bug happens. 11. Motivate yourself. Clicking around for hours will just bore you out. I myself want to be the top 1 at every wave, regardless of the buffs. 12. Try to take a pace you can handle. Try to take as much break as you can. Maybe sometimes miss wave 1 and let other players do it. This helps you not stress yourself and have a 100% focus on the wave 2 which is important especially if it's the ticket buff. 13. If you're in it to get an easy ticket and tokens, wave 1 is much easier to get as players tend to do #12 and not play on it. Wave 2 will be full of hungry dawgs trying to get as much tickets as possible. 14. Have fun. At the end of the day, we are all winners. If you have any questions, reply here or pm me in-game and I will answer what I can. Not during wave 2 though cause I block whispers to focus on it. HAPPY GRINDING!
  5. poepey

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    I suggest making the vaccine delivery require more vaccines (like 10-20 vaccines per delivery instead of like 1-5) which of course give more tokens in return since vaccines doesn't require many items to make. I just made 50 vaccines and took 10+ deliveries to different mailbox spread across different towns made me dizzy already. Cant imagine myself doing it for thousands of vaccines.
  6. poepey

    Staff Appreciation

    Can we just take a moment and think how newbie friendly DreamerRO has become? Especially the dRO holidays (and in this case Corona Virus) events. I remember last December 2018 with the xmas event when I just started playing these in-game events and used to get 400-500 kills every global buff wave leaving me with no chance of winning the top 3 hunters list. I was forced to use whatever I have at the moment since I ain't rich enough to buy all these equipment that help grind the event. I won 2 rares including the God of Thunder set that event so it's irrelevant now, but it doesn't change the fact that I had to work so hard for the 100 tickets I collected. But now, heck everyone was given a 1-week free divine weapon, as well as farming gears which you can rent (I think) after it expires giving everyone a legit chance of not only winning top 3 hunters, but gather as much items and tickets as possible. I am lucky enough to see these maybe minor to the rich but very appreciated changes for the poor. Huge thanks to all the Staffs and GMs, especially to daddy Haze and uncle mommy Sadie. To all the hunters, happy grinding and I will see you in the battlefield
  7. poepey

    Corona Virus Awarness [ Phase 1 ] Farming Build

    for me this is only worth if you have black frame glasses and trade your ele. sword for shamshir. range is equally important imo
  8. poepey

    not so new? but hey!!! :)

    welcome back fam
  9. poepey

    Dreamer RO Memes

  10. poepey

    Cainta/Pasig/Marikina/Angono/Taytay Lounge

    mas buhay pa kesa kay jam sebastian
  11. poepey

    Corona Virus Awarness [ Phase 1 ] Farming Build

    dont put garm card and any weapon card. theres a limit in amount of auto casted skills and those cards unables other cards (like gazeti) to work which trades "bolt" skills that deals 10 damage for "ball" skills that deals 1 damage. - Moonlight Sonata.
  12. poepey

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    i need something to feed my big ego
  13. poepey

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    no i meant overall amount of rank 1, 2, and 3 throughout the whole event
  14. poepey

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [Phase 2]

    any chance we can have a ranking board with most top 1, 2, and 3 in 1st and 2nd wave?