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    Is Ragnarok Online still worth playing?

    Private servers are actually the way to go for ragnarok. Idle mobile game actually sucks for me. Because the only thing good with it is because you'll see the RO monsters that you miss from the RO pc. Although, RO mobile looks good(if available in your area). Its pay 2 win so you'll less likely to enjoy that aswell. Very different gameplay too from RO pc. In official servers, not to speak bad about them, you're likely to play with bots. And playing it alone will bore you. So i suggest private server. Fast paced. Still have to farm. Pvp and Pvm active. Chatnarok is still a thing.
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    Hi, seems that the black beats headphones is no longer part of the v4p shop after the update. But, maybe you might want to check Melody Ring which is comparable to black beats. It gives immune to freezing and silence but also gives 60% movement speed instead of 10%hp that black beats have. Hehehe