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  1. Marinebeast

    DreamerRO Market - [@go market]

    Just noticed this last night! It's nice to see an official conversion method for tokens rather than relying on donation token sellers, and this really helps with the issue of different vendors being scattered throughout the game-- being able to just go to one specific map is way more convenient. (Having Daily Quest, V4P, and DM currency vendors there would be especially nice, even though they're already fairly accessible in Caspen.)
  2. Marinebeast

    Better Hunter: GX or Sorc?

    GX, because sorc needs an event weapon to actually get anywhere due to the elemental sword being class-locked. I feel that with an event weapon and proper set, sorc is better because double cast + auto spell are fun, but GX can just use event weapon + elemental sword or elemental sword x2.
  3. Marinebeast

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    Oh thank you!! ; _; Alberta was painful to raid on, even if I'll miss just hanging out on the ships and farming mobs in that little space! Excited for new pets as well as the item drop changes! (Really though if ya'll need mastelas or elemental potions, I'm sure plenty of people will be willing to provide those for a discount given how many we've accumulated lol)
  4. Marinebeast

    Guilletine Cross MVP Build (Stats&Equip)

    Hi, welcome to dRO! The really simple setup needs a bit of financial investment and time put into it, but overall it's pretty easy. You can get the Punk Beanie from the Vote4Points shop! You can access this from the Main NPC (who can be found in all main cities), or from the Vote4Points NPC. There's an easy tutorial for the V4P system over here: http://www.playdreamerro.com/wiki/index.php/Vote_4_Points. (Sorry, still figuring out how the bbcode on here works!) Middle and lower headgears can be whatever you want, the Returner's set stuff works just fine. By the time those disappear, you should have enough resources and zeny to grab anything you might like. I personally recommend an Ice Pick and a Death Grimtooth [4] for people who are just starting out with a GX MVP build. You can get an Ice Pick from vendors in the gold_mart map (easily accessed with @warp gold_mart, or by going to the Vendor House warp in Caspen!) for a decent sum-- you can easily afford this by selling loot and completing Zeph Quests. You can get a Death Grimtooth [4] from the Daily Quest shop for two Daily Quest tokens, and you can get tokens for that shop by doing Daily Quests from the same NPC. As for card setup on these daggers, I would just go with 4 Abysmal Knight on the Grimtooth, and if you get an Ice Pick [1] instead of an unslotted one, put an Abysmal Knight on that too. These are really easy to farm, just use @whereis Abysmal Knight and go hunting in the maps they spawn in. Other cards aren't too big a deal since you'll have the Returner's Set, which gives a lot of good stats and abilities. Stat setup is simple: you want maximum damage, 195 ASPD, and bulk to eat hits. STR: 500 AGI: Enough to hit 195 ASPD; fill out your DEX first DEX: 250-300 for accuracy, more if you'd like VIT: 300+ INT: None LUK: Extra points go here. You can fill it up for crit damage if you want, but it doesn't matter too much. You don't need any special skills, most of your MVP hunting is going to be attacking and autocasting Sonic Blow. Cloaking is good to shake off smaller mobs if you don't @jump constantly to search. Some of the big-ticket MVPs are Kiel D-01, Thanatos, and Tao Gunka, all of which can earn you a good 4b zeny or higher for their cards. But a lot of MVPs are still worth hunting, and can easily be killed with this set, so don't worry if you can't catch any of the more popular bosses!
  5. Marinebeast

    Moonlight Sonata.'s Event Grinding Tips

    Very nice little guide, thank you! Really appreciate it as a newbie, especially the "limited amount of skills will autocast" tip.
  6. Marinebeast

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    Extremely late to the draw, but I'm super thankful for the AoE spells being made unusable for this. I'm on a lower-end laptop that has a huge FPS drop when people are spammy left and right, so I appreciate it. Also seconding the desire for a material converter NPC/function, my inventory is swimming with Elderberry and Elder Tree Oil but nothing else. (Also also: remember to @autoloot rate 50 before you start, I've seen plenty of people not autolooting at all and missing quest materials + even sometimes the 0.02-0.01% drops lol)
  7. Marinebeast

    GX Holiday (1) Damage Build

    Well, that's... extremely odd then! Because I'm only getting the misses whenever Sidewinder / Double Attack activates on event mobs. ,':I Maybe it's something else, I'll have to take a look. Thanks for replying though.
  8. Marinebeast

    GX Holiday (1) Damage Build

    Super nice guide, could use more options for headgear though. It'd be good to include all of the hats that can autocast spells (Rainy Cloud, Snowman Hat, Angeling Beanie, etc alongside the Calavera Mask) just for the sake of reference, since there does seem to be some variety going on. The only issue is that there's some issue with Double Attack (at the time of posting): two Sidewinder + Mutant Dragonoid lead to a ton of misses, and removing the Sidewinders fixed it. I'm also seeing some issues when Double Attack activates normally (e.g. when using two daggers/swords)-- are the new event mobs immune to this ability? Is there a bug going on with Double Attack that hasn't been addressed? It's mysterious. This is on a GX with Double Attack maxed, of course. (Also, I've found that the Bloody Knight card could be worth consideration as a Weapon slot-- it gives 2% chance to cast lv1 Meteor Storm when attacking. Since Sidewinder seems to be having issues right now.)
  9. Marinebeast

    Corona Virus Awareness Event [ENDED]

    That's such a fun idea! Thanks guys.